Springing Forward pt 2: Navigating The Social Media Rabbit Hole

Hey loves, a few weeks ago we discussed some of the hidden ways entrepreneurs use social media. We talked about some of the pro’s and cons of average users joining different Facebook groups more specifically. For those of you that missed that read, you can catch up here.

Most don’t know but there are ways average users can ensure more mutual membership benefits in these groups. Today we are getting a bit more detailed on how we can do just that. There are more people that can identify with not understanding how they get used by these groups than those that are ok with be exploiting by people who do.

Pay attention to the integrity of these groups before allowing then to drain the benefit you bring with no progressive mutual benefit to you as a member! You are valuable no matter how many members the group has gained!!! Not sure how you are of value?

Remember my Initial premise?! Most people “group up” because share common beliefs and values!!! What does this mean, I joined because you joined and we believe the same thing or share a common goal or value the same thing! So in other words most people join groups because of who’s in them.

They support each other because of who they are and what the individual in, or in this case (#) represents! It is not rocket science. But again it is Social Science and that too means something specific.

How can you as a member start to ensure your mutual benefit there by enforce your membership rights? Reach out to the administrators directly, but before you do:….Read the terms of these groups before joining and decide before joining. Make sure you take a moment to strongly consider the following:

*Is the value I bring to this group simply by joining, equally reflective in the mutual benefit I will receive now and long term as a member?

*If the mutual benefit is only temporary, how long is that time frame exactly? And will I have the right and courtesy of a notification of said changes?

*If changes occur do I want to continue allowing value I bring as a member with a depletion or limitation in the value I receive as a member?

If not, take the value of your membership to a group that meets the standards you set as a member as well!! It’s that simple. There are alot of groups that will and if not, well, you can always create your own!!!!

Some groups operate like greedy politicians and capitalists!
Once they get what they want from you, your benefits are no longer of any concern of theirs. As consumers you are what give a business it’s power. As citizens, you are what give a goverment it’s power. As members you are what give a group FB or any group it’s power.

The more that identify and believe what you believe, the more power you have in any of those dynamics. The same way the sole beneciaries in these dynamics channels and uses that power, so can you! Don’t allow the elevated position any group gained through you, make you question your value. You are of value no matter how many members a group has gained because you joined or no matter what level of quality a beneficiary or group has gained through you. With out you, there is no them. As long as you remember that, there is always room to leverage your mutual benefit period!!!!

As always, I hope you all found today’s read empowering. Don’t forget to click that blue follow button for more updates. Please share with all of your fellow budding entrepreneurs and tag family and friends. I love you all to life. Now in the words of the beautiful Ava Duvernay, ” GO be Great!” Until next time, Hollerrrrrrr…..XOXO.

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