Scooter Life: Travel Tips

If you’re here in Miami, or coming to South Florida soon to escape the winter’s end in your home state, renting a scooter is an awesome way to travel during you stay. Yes I know scooters are not equipped for something like grocery shopping, or transporting large items, but they do provide enough storage space under the seat as well as the back compartment for an awesome day out!

For those that follow me on Instagram, Snap chat and Facebook @aerialgem, you guys know just how much I love my Scooter! Talk about a liberating experience. If you are living that “Balling On A Budget” lifestyle, the scooter life is the way to go. Parking is unlimited and it only cost $2 to fill up the tank! Yes you heard right 2 bucks… I fill up once, maybe twice a week, Balling!

Another awesome perk of riding a scooter is the super low maintaince! Unlike cars scooters under 49cc don’t require a drivers license or insurance and can get up to 50 miles per hour. Registration however is a must and the only way to get a legit license plate for your scooter yet still fairly cheap. Although not required, I recommend Insurance for anyone that often rides with a passenger. Trust me when I say, it’s better to have and not need, then to need and not have in the event of an emergency, God forbid.

Speaking of saftey, I often ride with my 7 year old son, who lives for the scooter life! He absolutely loves it. Before God blessed me with my prince, I was set on purchasing a motorcycle but once my little bundle of joy was birthed, that decision was delayed for the better. I couldn’t be happier with the decision to get something a little less risky yet in still, adventurous and exciting!

I don’t care what anyone says, in the words of my pumpkin “Safety is sexy”, because hurt, or dead definitely isn’t. Which is why I never let my baby ride without his helmet. Whether it be to the corner store, or the local park every ride is a different experience. Although we can anticipate, no one can predict the future. When it comes to my sons safety, as any responsible parent does, I leave nothing to chance.

Like a car, you do need an oil change every 1000 miles, but are fairly cheap. As well as changing the brakes and lights when worn. Parking is never an issue and often create my own parking space, usually tucked away behind something, or in clear site to discourage thieves and haters. Yes they do exist and often come in the form of regular motorist, who tend to get 😠 because they cant bypass traffic as you can, cautiously of course. Sometimes, because you park an an actual parking space they often feel should just be limited to cars. Some will even squeeze in your space without permission.

Road rage can be triggered by reckless scooter riders and bikers, so whenever possible try not to agitate, or antagonize other motorist  weaving in an out of moving traffic. Never cut off another driver, or try to out speed another motorist during your ride. That’s just plain stupid. Jokingly or not, if you do, you clearly don’t value your own life, or that of your passenger for that matter. Be that as it may, making idiotic moves like that puts everyone’s life in jeopardy not just yours.

So if you notice an irritated driver, or someone is clearly in a rush, please be patient, try to be positive and allow them to pass, then continue to enjoy your ride. Taking the high road will not only make you feel good, but could also be a matter of life or death. I know you are thinking, these tips are great, but what do you do about the ☔, right?

Like my mother used to say, “keep it moving because the rain don’t stop no show, especially when you have to go to work”. Being from Chicago and now in south Florida, I’ve learned how to prepare for all types of weather. Which is why I recommend keeping a rain coat, or waterproof jacket in the storage under your seat, or packing and extra set of clothes to change into upon reaching your destination. Keep in mind, rain brings high winds, mud and puddles. Other motorist will purposely splash you if your not moving fast enough to there liking with no regard for your saftey.

Dispite others impatience, simply allow them to pass and always ride in the rain at a slower pace to avoid sliding when breaking and try to avoid oil spots on the ground. Last, but not least wear a helmet especially when its raining, if not at least wear a pair of 👓 or goggles to avoid flying debris and rocks kicked up from passing SUVs and trucks.

These tips have been tried and tested by yours truly. So if you are considering this awesome scooter/bike life, do apply these tips and stay safe on the road! Until next time, love you guys to life! I am the 1 and only Aerial Gem and I approve this message. Happy travels guys muahhhhh!



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