The Love Your Curves Tour” by Ashley Stewart is back for 2017

Hey loves, just wanted to pop in with some reflections and updates on Ashley Stewart’s,2015 “Love Your Curves Tour”. I had the pleasure of attending 2 years ago and was an awesome experience.

There was a nationwide fashion model contest and tour that hit Ashley Stewart stores in the major metropolis cities and of course Chicago and Chicagoland. It was a great national marketing campaign that was effective engaging women of all sizes which was smart seeing their target market are plus size women.

Anyway as petite frame, it was nice to be in a comfortable environment and celebrate women of all sizes. Although i was assisting a friend on a videography gig, i got to take part in all the fun too. There were prize give aways. In store contests, and moments where the whole store was literally partying and dancing together. There was live and free make up and other product and service demos, refreshments, selective and complimentary independent vendors and much much more.

Anyway, Ashley Steward is bringing the tour back for 2017. The model search contest starts this month! You want in? The link at the end of this post will take you directly to page that includes submission details. In meantime, take a look at what’s in store for you below.


As always i hope you all enjoyed today’s read. You all know it’s one on my favorite times a year. It’s officially spring. I love to focus on fashion the most during the shift seasons so stay tuned for more updates in that regard. In mean time love you all to life….XOXO!

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