I don’t vacation, I Travel!!!

Hi Guys, the one and only Aerial gem, your official travel specialist and I’m back with a few “Balling on a Budget” travel tips as usual.

So as you all know Jess and I do quite a bit of traveling.  Truth of the matter, I didn’t realize how frequently we actually traveled until one of our friends made a really clever joke out of it. His exact words, “Hey guys what y’all doing today? flying some where? “Laughing, but very very serious. Anyway you guys are always asking us how do we do it? So the main reason you see us on the go so much it’s because….We don’t vacation we travel!!!

What’s the difference? There are so many, but the main one is vacations typically don’t exceed 2 -3weeks. Anything longer is travel!! You guys see us use terms like “Sistercation and “Workcation” all the time. But you want to know what a “work-cation” is??? The following B.O.B (Balling on a Budget) TIPS will break it down for you!

Traveling during vacation season
Ex. Springbreak,holidays,celebrations;

*How to find cheapest flights:

While their are flight saving websites like kayaks.com, travelocity and priceline.com; knowing how to navigate them makes a huge difference in the amount you may pay for a 1 way or roundtrip ticket somewhere.  Notice whenever I fly somewhere I almost always fly on a tuesday, or Wednesday and sometimes a Thursday. That’s right booking a flight Midweek 🆚 earlier or later in the week will save you anywhere from$60-100 on ticket.

Also, I’ve also found that actually purchasing a flight on the actual holiday can sometimes be cheaper then purchasing just before, or after that specific Holiday. Which makes a lot of sense because most people like to celebrate on that day. Just test it out and see for yourself. Compare the difference of price for Dec 24, 25, 26 flying anywhere and notice an immediate fluctuation in prices.

So basically it really doesn’t matter what website you use, but the days on which you book your flights will make the prices vary dramatically. Go to anyone of these “money-saving” websites and see for yourself. This little trick is mind-blowing.

Not only is booking your flight on a Tuesday or Wednesday going to save you money but its also going to make your mula stretch further because wherever you go ex. Chicago, Miami, New york; hott happenings, events & festivities are not only cheaper but also often have a lot of weekly specials like lady’s nights and happy hour. Budgeting during the week will help you Ball-out on the weekends if you choose to do so and still have 💰 to shop for souvenirs and pay your bills when you get back home 🏡 Balling!

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*How to find affordable room & board options:


*Finding or create work or extra income stream during your travels;

Hope you all enjoyed the evening read….Happy travels, hollerrrrrr.

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