Navigating The Social Media Rabbit Hole To Your Benefit!!

That’s right it’s already Wednesday again. Yes Embody Amoor Hump day socials have come to an end for the moment. However as usual we are springing forward. Yes yes, EmbodyAmoor is back with your  weekly hump day read.  Empire “The show” is back yall and so are we. That’s right back on the grind building our own empire together.
 It is “Empire Building Wednesday” and when you have a team, network, and communities of support working with you, it makes getting over the hump that much easier. So I was led in my spirit to share some harsh realities and truths about social media marketing and marketing in general this morning and i don’t really want to but I’m going to be obedient anyway!!!! So here it goes lbvvs….
 For those who don’t know, Facebook is not just used to make friends, but instead a growing marketplace for anyone to become a marketing agency!!! Now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing and can actually be empowering if you learn how to maximize use to your benefit. So let’s start with an example everyone is familiar with, Facebook!

While certain Fb groups and pages are tools to simply connect with like minded folks who want to connect and support one another, those that understand the power in this and like platforms are using those same tools to create profitable opportunities for themselves!

Now again lets not be confused, there is nothing wrong about that but there are ways that it can be done with integrity. As long as the intention is made known or changing intention before hand, i think it’ one of the best ways the average consumer and or entrepreneur can shift the power from major marketing companies in my opinion!!!

 I recently came to terms with just how much power we give others to benefit from us simply by joining different social media platforms, specifically Facebook.

I recently removed myself from a bunch of Facebook groups past few days! Before doing so I reached out directly to the administrators questioning the purpose and or intentions of said groups and the members benefits.

Alot of these groups will add people without their permission. Often times when done with permission, it’s done in form of flattery, for ex, “we really admire what you do and would love for you to be apart of said group and this is how you would benefit in association for joining us.

If you choose to stay, they often times allow minimum access for you to mutually benefit by sharing your works, projects, services , products etc, UNTIL they have gained all the value they need from you as a member, have reached a certain number in following.

Then they change the rules of the group to reflect their sole benefit and those in associated, or of complimentary value. Just now realizing this sounds familiar?! Your usually left feeling a way about it by the time you notice it and then feel like not much can be done about it.

Now while most people get it, there are some of us who don’t. People come together and support one another based on shared beliefs and values!!.

The problem with the changing rules of these groups is that once they change the rules, it often results in a change of benefit members of that group initially recieved.

The problem with that, is the very members that brought value to group simply by joining, now get devalued when the groups following grows even though the groups growth is often times a direct result of the initial members joining to begin with!

Still don’t get it? Basically, it is a numbers game yes! If there is a group with 5 members all are considered valuable to certain degree, because the 5 make up the bulk of group.

But as the number increases, so does the decrease in value for each initial member and is then evaluated in terms of value by “quality”! Now what determines quality is now where my main questions are re-directed?

See it’s ok if the quality one brings to a group doesn’t neccesary meet standard of group when that said group is small. This is because before quality is determined, as a number alone in the group, it still represents to some degree, a level of value!

Here’s where  the value of Quality vs. Quantity will often fluctuate until a certain number is reached, then the focus will shift to “quality” only.

The issue for me is that people of less quality adds value to a group simply by adding to it in quantity. But again once a certain number is reached, those that helped create quality for said group are now devalued and restricted in and even depleted in initial benefits at times.

For ex. All members can post what they want in group if meet “posting guidelines” which don’t usually get added til after group has reached certain following in numbers.

If this is the case where guideline and rules change that don’t result in mutual benefits for the very members that created value in the groups to begin with, so can your membership period!!!! Some groups operate like greedy politicians and capitalists!
Once they get what they want from you, your benefits are no longer of any concern of theirs.

As consumers and members you are what give a group FB or any group it’s power. It’s not rocket science but it is social science. So what are the alternatives?  How can we ensure our or at least a mutual benefit we consider valuable?! Check the intentions, purpose and membership benefits of groups and platforms before joining. Make suggestions to administrators for improvement. Create your own!


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“Now go be great”- Ava Duvernae

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