Embody Amoor: Hump Day Social Finale

Greetings loves, for those who missed it, every Wednesday for the past five weeks, we have sponsored a #HumpDaySocial!!  Yes, it’s all in name.  The hump day social is curated by one of our very own writers JFAl!


She wanted to create a special place where we could gather in our own community and discuss LOVE, SEX, DATING & RELATIONSHIPS. It takes place at the Englewood Enterprise Gallery located at 7039 s. Wentworth. The final Wednesday aka hump day social is tomorrow from 6pm-10pm. The point of the this gathering is to discover ways we can improve in these areas of our life. I must say it has been an awesome experience so far.

The evenings are led by a panel of speakers consisting of love gurus, relationships specialist, sex therapist, life coach and yup you! The experience is accompanied by spoken word performances by some of Chicago’s dopest artist. So much healing, love, laughter, connections and growth has taken place the past five weeks. So much great feedback from those who join the experience in person and live online.

Although, we are experiencing a growing demand for more, all good things eventually come to an end. But in this case a pause. That’s right guys. This seasons Hump Day Socials are coming to an end. But we will be back in the near future. So if you’re planning a visit to Chi-town stay tuned!

In the meantime, join us for tomorrow’s Finale! Yup the very last hump day social for the season is going down tomorrow evening! We have a hot hot panel line up, some dope ass spoken word artist and vendors will be in the building and a few suprises for you all. Not to mention, a celebratory after party hosted by the Chicago’s pretty posh princess, Tiffany Fowler of the Love H.E.R. movement.

The Love H.E.R. movement is a fundraiser to help women in transition from abusive situations, rebuild there life. Art therapy supplies, toiletries and donations are going to a safe haven, the women of #SarahsCirle! The Licourice Lounge is where the after party takes place and is also a drop off location for donations.

The Love H.E.R. movement means love her by helping her heal. Love her by embracing her. Love her by helping her rebuild. It it truly an honor to partner with this movement to celebrate all those apart of it and the Hump Day Socials. We are closing this thang out with a bang and i must say i couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S Day.


Join us: grab your early bird tickets while you can because there going quick!


See you all soon. Until then, love yoy all to life! Hollerrrrrr Xoxo

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