Asade Artistry: If She Knew!


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If She Knew:
If this girl only knew how you corrupted her mind, forcing her to Believe you’d be there All the time. Giving her incomplete thoughts not hesitating? Oh what a Fools Heart You were breaking! Making foolish Promises you Knew one day you wouldn’t keep. This girl she fell for it & now she weeps. Her Broken Heart you paid no mind to, How could you even sleep?! Each time the beat goes “thump” a piece breaks off, echoing the sound of Broken Glass. You don’t feel that?! You don’t hear it?!?! If I knew you’d do this to Her I’d kick yo Ass!! Selling your affections away to her for nice possessions & things. This girl, she was so Blind to it she thought y’all were In Sync! then on top of that she almost had TWO BABIES! Planting her seed w/ your semen. What?! Thought you were Dream’n?! At 1st you kinda wanted it but Knew YOU couldn’t handle it so for you Both, the 1st, she got rid of it. Crying everyday because she took her Baby’s Life away. After what you put her through before,

how could she kno you’d stay? Saying now your heart Ain’t in it anymore. What was the difference between Then & Now huh?! Naïve wondering what she could do to win u back & how. All these supposed mixed feelings you  were having while you were Laying her Down. Seems that your Confused about what it is you really wanted or wheather to try & stick around. You didn’t want to be a “college boy” tied down. But Who Else did you know willing to do what she did? Ride or Die & Hold You Down! Flashforward 2 years later, y’all back together & she pregnant again. She gives birth to a special lil girl w/ a Heart Condition, Your Best Friend! Rumor has it, baby saw her Daddy break her Mommy’s Heart, so her heart broke even more that day. Then suddenly she passes away. So sick w/ remorse & grief, this now young woman dies also…well a piece of her anyways. Stricken w/ grief as well I guess, w/ her you decided to stay. At least until YOU thought her heart had mened. But a heart like hers could never could never fully mend. Just deal w/ the whole & the scab around it. You had no real care for her, so you left her again by herself to fend. Flashforward again another year, as fate would have it you work together. Couldn’t stand to see her live her life or date another man, you vowed to her a life w/ you forever. But like the devil you lied to her. Weather it was because you thought you loved her or wanted to control her either way you had her in your grasp. Little did you kno or care, marriage is no easy task! & again after only 2 &1/2 years of wearing this “good husband mask” you only revealed your true self again. Exposing truths to her you knew would destroy what was left of her peace of mind. If u didn’t want to be w/ her or cheat on her why waste BOTH of y’all time?! This is not the story of a forever kind of love, nor dose this have a fairy tail ending. This is a young woman w/ lessons just begining. I give you this, you taught her love beyond measure. You just never treated her like she should have been to you, a treasure! The man that she sees in u now, lesser. Still not fathoming from HERE?!….she could only do better! If only she knew!

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