Getting over Hump!

You can do it alone, or we can do it together, either way you have to do it. So let love get you through-African Proverb

Embody Amoor's Hump Day Social


Join us “after work”for


A live panel discussion and mingle session for juicy conversations on love, sex, dating, & relationships!


Every Wednesday in February 6pm-10pm

*Todays Date*
February 15, 2017


Englewood Enterprise Gallery

7039 s. Wentworth.


A conversation piece for the grown & sexy. A panel discussion with relationship specialist, love gurus, and spoken word savants

Panel members consist of 3-5 facilitators per week. Specialist & gurus will school us and lead the fun and panel members will change every week. When will your favorite guru lead??? Be sure to stay tuned for each week’s roster!!!


Openly discuss following topics:
Love, Sex, Dating & Relationships….

Address the misconceptions & enhance our connections.

fb_img_1487190070653We’re half way through the month but we celebrate us all year round!!! Thank you so much Keith L. Nixon
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