It’s the end of the year, but growth is timeless!!! Realign!!!!

Holiday Fever?? Are You a Slave To The Money???

Great questions of the times:
Do you spend your money where Tv, radio, magazines and so on tells you to? Harriet on the 20s, How People Really Feel About It???!!! Who Advocated For it?? And more importantly, how would Harriet have felt about it???

10 Top Reasons Women In America should be offended

Hearing the 1st 2 statements or pharases…. 10.) “You Don’t look like an Engineer.” or “Your smart for a woman or girl.   9.) Hillary Clinton becoming our only realistic option for the 1st female presidential candidacy: 8.) When your ex try to creep back in your life: 7.) Larry Johnson as woman in commercial: The outlandish…