Happy Kwanzaa Loves


Happy Kwanzaa everyone.  In honor of today’s principle, Ujamaa which mean collective  economics, we encourage all to support black owned businesses.  The Black Business School with Dr. Boyce Watkins offers some great  financial literacy classes for both  adults and kids.  Now the whole family can build wealth together.

While practicing group economics is of key importance, it is not the only financial principle of concern for our community.  Changing our spending  habits to reflect wealth building is also a must.  Some great tools to help you get started are posted below.

Enroll Today in Black Money 102! Class Starts January 2nd.
Enroll Today in 15 Things Every Black Child Needs To Know About the Stock Market!
As always I hope you all enjoy  today’s read.  Don’t forget to follow is for more #EmpireBuilding tools.  Don’t forget to share with family and friends.
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