A Christmas Story: Holiday Magic

 Holiday Magic


To end this year, I am raising money to help an Ill elderly parariplegic man who lives in Hollywood, Florida to buy a new mattress, bedding and cleaning items for his studio apartment.  This elderly man is the sweetest man with alot of health issues (bladder-related) with hardly any government, family or community assistance.  This year instead of donating food, toys and feeding the homeless, I am participating in the #randomActsOfKindness project.  Doing more for people in need during this holiday season gives us all a better chance to enjoy it .


I met Mr. Douglas in October, he was struggling to get a box of groceries home in his wheelchair from the church pantry not far from his apartment.  After helping him get home, I offered to help put the food away.  I realized he had no way to do it himself.

Unfortunately when I opened his apartment door I was bombarded by the foul odor of urine coming from his apartment due to bladder issues.  In efforts to protect him from feeling ashamed and embarrassed, I walked straight into the kitchen only to notice stuff everywhere.  There was literally no room to put anything except for the floor.

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The basic need to love came over me, I refused to leave his food on the floor.  After I cleared some space in the refrigerator, cabinets and took out a couple bags of trash, I put his food away.  When I left Mr. Doug was extremely grateful to receive the help, but on my way home I still felt like I hadn’t done enough.

My heart was convicted because I wanted to help him more than I could financially afford to.  After praying for clarity, & guidance, God told me to use what I have to bless this gentlemen and he will do the rest.  So with God’s promise, I refuse to continue to let him live in filth and sleep in his own urine.

Being that I couldn’t afford to donate money I decided to donate time. Time happens to be the most precious commodity yet under-valued so much in our socitey today. I came back to his apartment a week later with my girlfriend who spent 5 hours helping me clean his entire apartment, the floors, throw out all the trash and replace the linen.  Although Mr. Doug was extremely grateful for our help, he still needs a great deal more help.

Fortunately, as a blogger I can afford more than just a helping hand to help pull a fellow man✋but I can also to write.  Hince, this campaign and blog upiece To give Mr. Douglas the gift of hope and a good night’s rest this holiday season and bring him good fortune into the new year.  I’ve reached out to a few mattress companies including Mattress Firm to get a mattress donated only to be denied due to approval time restrictions enforced by the stores corporate departments.

My plan B(craigslist),  fell apart due to lack of transportation to retrieve a used mattress.  I had to take it as a sign from above that Craigslist probably wasn’t best place due to risk of bed bugs and other infestations that would be a death trap to someone in Doug’s physical condition.

So after praying for an answer to this problem, God told me again to use what I have to bless this gentlemen and an Ink pen fell from my lap to my feet.  I started this campaign to solve a problem and also be a voice in the digital world for people like Mr. Douglas. By spreading awareness about his story and medical conditions we can also start creating solutions.

We we’re only able to scratch the surface of hope this past October, but was not able to address the root of the odor problem (saturated mattress).  In addition to Christmas dinner plate, my girlfriend and I plan to return to Mr. Dougs Apt. Dec. 26 beginning our 2016 Kwanzaa celebration to give the of hope by cleaning his apt again for the new year!

I need your help to bless this sweet, deserving, under-valued elderly man by donating whatever you can to this campaign in efforts to raise $500 for new mattress, linens & cleaning supplys.  Please help me give #giftsoflove & hope to help inspire #randomactsofkindness and support the real #reasonfortheseason through this campaign.

Together let’s show the world that when “God says yes nobody can say no” and give Mr. Douglas the best Holiday season yet!

To follow and receive updates on this story be sure to like, comment & subscribe to my blogsite at http://www.EmbodyAmoor.com where we create revolution through resolutions.

If you have stumbled across this page this holiday season consider yourself blessed!  Continue to ensure your #blessings by sharing them and this campaign to your social media pages and make this go viral!  This is somebody’s grandfather, son, & brother.  We are our brothers keepers guys, together we can get Mr. Doug from there-to-here.

So lets do better because paraplegics often forgotten about especially this time of year, many ended up like this fighting for the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday! If you can’t donate anything else this season you can always give time ⏰ by lending a hand to some one in need! Post your #randomactsofkindness to keep the movement going!

16977640_1482657886.6298_funddescriptionI just want to say thankyou in advance because you’re already making #holidaymagic. #superfriends #united click here for more about the campaign and make your contribution! I am the 1 and only AerialGem your ï#BallingOnABudget travel specialist! Love you all to life xoxoxoxox!


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