Holiday Fever?? Are You a Slave To The Money???


I was recently reminded that life isn’t about having all the right answers, but instead asking the right questions!!!

So I wonder…..

As we’re running around, rushing to finish up our last minute holiday shopping…..

One major function and benefit of currency is that it makes the world go around.  In other words, money moves!  I mean think for a second…You ever really think about why it’s called “money management”?!

As we’re out and about enjoying this holiday cheer that drives us to spend….

Let’s take a brief moment and think about it.


Does Harriet Tubman on the 20 dollar bill suggest equal rights progress in this country or just monetary chains of slavery???

If money makes the world go around, therefore making everyone slaves to the money, how do we take those next steps to true freedom?

I did, and this is what I came up with….

Alternatives or Solutions:

Even though Harriet never willingly gave the American dollar any value, in 2016 the rest of the world does.  So since we’re the ones that give it value, how do we take back the power of the dollar and use to our advantage?  Does using money automatically enslave us to it?  I don’t think so.  Not is we use it the right way.

Collectively Blacks spend more than $836 billion this time of year.  The way we’ve been spending our money has done nothing for us economically yet instead has apparently been one of the main ways “we’ve been funding our own oppression”.  Find out exactly how here:

This is the year to start taking control of the power of our money.  By practicing group economics, we can make a difference by collectively spending our money with other black owned businesses, and by doing so invest in and empower our own communities.  So many people complain about the poverished state of our communities.

Reading and sharing this article is a great first step.  Let’s take action people!!!!  The truth is, spending in one direction does enslave you to the money, spending in the right direction however can lead to your ultimate freedom!

Take ownership of your purchasing power,  instead of letting your dollar continue to take and keep ownership of you!

Below is a link for some great #BuyBlack options this season to empower you through yours!

Spend wisely, not just this holiday season, but from this point moving forward, and invest in you. #ShopUs

As always I hope you all enjoyed today’s read.  Don’t forget to click that blue follow button for my reply to your feed back.  I look forward to it and your answers to those questions. Feel free to be as honest as you’d like in your reply.  The conversation should be a interesting one…xoxo Hollerrrrrrrrr.

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