10 Top Reasons Women In America should be offended

Hearing the 1st 2 statements or pharases….

10.) “You Don’t look like an Engineer.” or “Your smart for a woman or girl.


9.) Hillary Clinton becoming our only realistic option for the 1st female presidential candidacy:

8.) When your ex try to creep back in your life:

7.) Larry Johnson as woman in commercial: The outlandish things our men are made to do for endorsements:

6.) Deandre Jordan plays a woman in basketball commercial:

5.) NBA all stars are made to be a mockery in feminine dance routine:

4.) Depo Vera Shot harmful side effects proven yet ignored and still adminstered most in minority neighborhoods.


3.) Jayden Smith becomes the new face of a woman’s wear clothing line


2.) Bruce Jenner wins woman of the year


1.) Donald Trump becomes the new president of the U.S.




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