Making Trendy Classic: Reflections of Black Fashion Week 2016


Thanks to Mr. Sterling L. Gilmore, we now have quality photos that captured the true essence of the night. For those that missed Black Fashion Week this year, you can recap with me and how we celebrated for south side Chi here…

The collections were super fresh. I saw a lot of garments that blended different styles, cultural references, and time periods. Mixing the 3 elements is a sure way to make any trendy peice apart of an over all classic look. Definetly some notes to take away for the wardrobe shift throughout the season.

Take a look at the exciting new additions to the fashion world below. This event was at the Promatory in Hyde Park Chicago. It was the perfect venue for the perfect event to kick off black fashion week .

2 Comments Add yours

  1. vuyo2017 says:

    I’m in love with fresh new looks 👌


    1. JFal says:

      Yea meeee too Vuyo2017


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