Great Questions Of The Times! Who Needs Clean Water??? You Better Hope It’s Not You!


Hey loves, while i know most are used to some more light hearted pieces, unfortunately this is not one of them.  This is actually a hard hitting piece on some of the realities that we as Americans get to take for granted in the world today.  When your trying to inspire change, transparency and accountability is key.  I have honestly had enough of turning a blind eye now that my eyes have really been opened.

While most western countries including ours are distracted with our political campaigns, major sports competitions, entertainment, celebrities and media frenzies, the rest of the world,  particularly the eastern world and countries like Libya,  Western Sahara,Yemen, Djibouti, and Jordan are suffering at our expense.  Unfortunatly, when it comes to foreign issues, just like the American media to foreign audiences, foreign news is too filtered and presented to us in away that allows us to feel completely detached from the places and people being covered.  Especially as it relates to economic deprivation or natural disasters.

This is called “cognitive dissonance”.


The major corporations are the benefactors of implementing this concept in their business and personal practices.  For the rest of us , this ideology can be considered an imposition when we don’t know any better.  Being accountable means, that once we realize this is the case however, it is up to us to do our own research and learn the facts about how our practices affect the rest of the world outside of the way we were taught they do.  The second thing is accountability, what are we going to do about it??

While awareness is a start, i’m finding it can be quite the challenge on it’s own. Some would argue we are not at all biased in our perception of the issues with foreign and 3rd world countries. Some would argue our media actually presents things to us exactly as they are in real life.  Don’t believe me.  I’ll give you a current national example.

The Flint Michigan Water Scandal.  This was national water crisis and the media presented it as a local one.  For those out of the loop, the mayor came down under major scrutiny because an entire town was poisoned by the water supply.  The contamination was caused by the town attempting to save money by switching out the water supply.  This was to work in the benefit of the bottled water companies that purchase the land redirecting dams and fresh water springs to sell it for profit.

The interesting thing is this is the same reason 3rd world countries have high populations of death from bad water around the world.  Was the connection made to viewers though?  Of course not. To learn the truth about that check out the following documentaries: “Flow & Blue Gold“.

Although, this article isn’t going to get the attention of major policy makers, it can still make a difference.  Besides at the end of the day, this is not for them anyway.  After watching those documentaries, you too will understand why i feel that would be a waste of time.  This is for those of us who are affected by this exploitation the most.  The more people that understand the common denominator in the global oppression as it relates to water contamination.  The more effective we can be in implementing realistic change.

I have to admit, it took a minute for things to it home for me.  I’m actually embarrassed that it didn’t hit home until it actually hit home.  Michigan state is right next door from Illinois. Most mid west states get our  water supply directly from Michigan.  That’s to close for comfort but more importantly, no matter how close or distant, everyone deserves clean FREE Water!  Last i checked water and air were free from God and yet we’re allowing people to get charged for them.  Something is clearly wrong with this picture.

Still feel detached?  Still not ready to be accountable?  I was recently reminded, that life isn’t about having all the right answers but asking the right questions! So today’s “Great Questions Of The Times” are as follows:

Why were Americans donating bottled water from all over the country to the victims and people of the crisis in Flint Michigan, when the Bottled water companies (Nestle) are partly responsible for the contamination to begin with?

Did any body notice that most of the bottled water that was donated (Ice Mountain) came from the springs in Michigan?


Finally after really thinking abut the crisis all together,  and considering the 1st two questions, who do you think benefitted the most?


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