The New Sprint??? Product Review

So I switched to Sprint Wireless from Metro PCS June 12th 2016 in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I know what you are thinking…what in the world would make you do that, right? I know, believe me I was very skeptical at first. I had heard sooo many bad things about Sprint Wireless in the past. The things I heard were absolutely horrible about the service itself as well as the customer service or lack there of.

Over that last couple of years whenever I heard someone mentioned Sprint it was followed by distress and frustration. Due to calls dropping, expensive data, lack of streaming capabilities and billing issues they lost alot of customers. So you can imagine the type of push back I gave the sales representative at the store while, trying to convert me to a Sprinter.


The main reason I was even considering switching to Sprint was, because of recent talk of the company undergoing major changes. The new sprint apparently isn’t just back to compete with all the pre-paid service carriers taking over like Metro Pcs, but to really improve the service as well as allowing current pre-paid customers a chance to upgrade to the newest, most advanced smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge, I phone and LG G5. Are all available without having to be tied into a contract and without having to pay ridiculous down payment fees for the device.

The New Sprint is #1 Contract Free Yayyyy! #2 They have great promotions for new customers like their phone “Buyback” program. Are you ready?, because of this program I got my new LG G5 for literally $0 dollars down.The cost of the phone is calculated into my monthly bill and even with the cost of the phone and my data package, my bill comes to less than $60/month. Prices will vary according to the plan and type of phone you choose, so obviously if you choose to get a Samsung or Iphone your bill will be slightly hirer or lower according to the plan and data package you choose.

With my plan I receive 20 gigs bites of data /month shared between 3 lines also I have a G5 which gives me the upgrade to the technology I need as a blogger.  Now i get to provide you all with quality (videos & Images), but also keeping my bill in accordance with my budget, Balling! If your wondering why i choose the 20 gig data plan, it’s because I usually have WiFi at home, or wherever I am staying while traveling. So I am only using data in places where they don’t have WiFi. Since this is practically everywhere nowadays, 20 gigs is more than sufficient shared between 3 lines!

Last but not least #3 the new Sprint customer service has drastically improved. In the past I’ve heard past Sprint customers (friends of mine) on the phone with customer service and just based off their body language, it was obvious the call was not going well. They  often end in ” I can’t wait until this my contract is up with them so I can switch to another carrier”.

This is relevant because just a few short weeks after I got my new device, I discovered that it was defective, wamp wamp. I knew I had to call customer service. Immediately all the over-heard bad phone experiences my friends previously had with Sprints customer service reps started playing back in my mind and I dreaded the call.

Now, when it comes to service and customer service those to things are very important to me as a customer and also as a business woman. A person will shop any where. But great customer service will keep that person coming back and recommend you to other potential customers if you have a good product, hence this review here.

To my surprise, after the process of having to explain issues I was having only twice before the customer service rep, Ms. Ashley was very helpful with solving the my problem. Despite my attitude and frustration she remained very professional and adamant about making sure my 1st experience with the New Sprint customer service team was a pleasant and satisfying one! Ms. Ashley pro-rated my bill for the days I did not have full service on my phone and was very sweet.

For the 1st month my bill was only $25 that’s $5 dollars less than my old Metro bill. After the call, not only was I relieved, but I love my new G5 too. The amazing camera quality and exclusive features like the multi-view wide lens camera, does wonders for the many events we like to capture. It also allows us to add professional videos to our blog, yayyyy!

Below are a few pictures taken with my new device giving you guys a little taste of why this camera is Amazing. If you are wondering how you can upgrade your device and service while balling on a budget no worries, your girl the one and only Aerial gem is here hooking you up as usual. For your monthly budgeting tips, tricks, deals and discounts, today is no different my loves. You want it, i got it.

Spend less money and more time investing in your goals and dreams. And if you are a blogger like me than you know that quality content is a must in this industry. Let Sprint help make your ability to work  from any and everywhere, capturing all your post-worthy moments easier, faster and cheaper.

The Sprint Stores with the best customer service in Chicago are 35th & king Dr. Cermak & western is another. Traveling often between Miami and Chicago I’ve had the pleasure of visiting these  2 recommended by the Store that started my service in Wisconsin. They handled the device swap and I was more than happy with the customer service I received. Coming up on 60 days of having made the switch and having allowed myself enough time (no contract) to make a fair assessment  of the New Sprint This is my official review tried and tested by yours truly.

In Chicago you want to make the switch be sure to go either of those 2 stores for a satisfying experience and if your in Milwaukee Wisconsin the store that won me as a new sprint customer is located on 76 capital,  I am the Aerial Gem and I approve this message!  Until next time guys stay blessed, muahhhh!

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