Forward Events: Hot Happenings

This time last year i attended “The Launch Affair” by Forward Events.  As you can tell from the flyer below it was a elegant affair for the perfect “Chi-town” night life outing to end the season.  It was right in the middle of one of my personal favorite hangouts, the Bridgeport art district located south side Chicago.

It was a private event by invite only.  So it was a special honor to have ended up celebrating with the host who i had never met before this night.  The host and lady of the hour, Ms. Felicia kelly….  Was celebrating her 30th birthday.

In addition, this was the launch party for her wedding and event planning company Forward Events.  “Partying productively,” you all already know is a motto we live by so i wasn’t to surprised to end up in like energies.  Once again the confirmation of the laws of attraction being the real deal settles in and the universe bends to reflect the difference…









The night was awesome, full of lots of love and support, gifts, prizes and give aways, i felt like it was my birthday too.  It was at Zhou B Art Center, one of my usual go to’s for guaranteed quality entertainment.  I met some great people including one of my blogging idols, natural hair care guru Mrs. Vaughn.  It was honestly one of the best networking events i’d ever been to.  I look forward to “moor” Forward Events for sure.






For more details on the next event by Felicia, connect with Forward Events via Facebook Here.  As always i hope you all enjoyed today’s read.  Congrats again to Ms. Felicia on the official launch of her empire.  Until the next “Empire building Wednesday”, love you all to life.

Please dont forget to click that follow button at end of this post and tag and share with friends for inspiration. Together we can all be great.  No matter what your dreams are, to get where you want to go, we have to take the first step.  Are you gone lay your first brick today?  Happy Empire building….XOXO.

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