Embody Amor, The Magazine: Our 1st Issue

Tunnel Vision Tuesday ūüéĀ

Finally the long awaited official debut….Embody Amor: The online Magazine!

As you all know this addition has been in the works for quite some time now. Despite the struggle to balance all the craziness in our lives, the one thing we’re always grateful for: you all, the village. ¬†Reminding us that a strong support system and consistency is key to reaching any goal, big or small we are truly humbled.

This first issue has taken us on an exciting journey so far and we are sooooo excited for the many issues to come.  Ad space via the magazine is available for sale.  Please let us know if you are interested, serious inquiries only.  The magazine itself however once again, is not for sale but completely free for viewing.  So please feel free to enjoy at your leisure and share with friends and family.

You may notice a few of your family and friends in this issue but who will end up in the next one??..   Stay tuned to find out by clicking that blue follow button.  In meantime, check out and enjoy our very first one just below:


Just click the cover and happy reading guys! Love you guys to life!

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