Why Aerial πŸ’Ž’s Balling On A Budget Hitlist?


So I finally have this up early enough today to give you enough time to plan ahead! This 1 is for all my South Floridians and tourist but especially my travel friends back home that like to escape Chicago’s frost bitten winters down here on the sandy beaches of South Florida.


Now of course you want to feel like your balling right, but without the pricetag? Personally, I enjoy vacationing & traveling soo much more when I spend less, or when I feel like I got more than I payed for. There is a major difference but I’ll talk about that in a later post! So you know the old saying “More bang for your buck, right”? Well now it’s “Moor” bang for your buck, get it?” Because this is a free blog, Lol! Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it holds no value, in fact it’s all a matter of perspective.

I’ve learned that quality of life isn’t necessarily determined by how much money you make or have, but how you use or spend it instead! Which is why I do these segments to help you also learn ways to stretch a $1.00. “Balling On A Budget” is all about showing you how to maximize your experience for the least amount of $$ as possible. Starting with my travel segments, now in business, Fitness “Hott Happenings”, Diy projects & more.


So, If you are “Balling On A Budget” and looking for some 😎 budget-friendly eateries, bars, day & night entertainment spots during your vacation, you want to check out my Hollywood Hit list.Β To make sure you do them pockets right it’s all about how you prep for the night!

Need a few other Reasons to check out EmbodyAmoor’sΒ “Bomb A$$ Balling On A Budget” segments?

For AerialGem host rates Email Aerialgem@gmail.com (305)414-4568!

Because I am the 1 & only AerialGem your official “Balling On A BudgetTravel Specialist

I’ll give you 2 more tips;

1)Β Most of my articles cover eitherΒ  HAPPY HOUR, Or that RED CUP SPECIAL! That’s right *Ladies drink Free 9pm-Midnight! Which means men you save $$ too! Still trying to figure out how? Happy hour specifically focuses on drink specials but a lot of places covered here include food specials discounts also. Ladies don’t have to feel compelled to entertain the chumps that’s out to scam on your goodies for drinks, it’s a Win Win for everyone!

2) Bomb Dee-Jays, or live music plays at all the spots covered in these segments. Your favorite songs range from Hip-Hop to Salsa giving you all the variety of color & flavor you need to paint the town red! Come on out and get your dance on yall! These atmospheres are friendly and engaging, everyone’s out to have a good time, even if you don’t drink, our 🎢 , food and service reviews make for our best “Balling On A Budget” Hit list post!

Last but not least, I frequent these places, not just because of the specials & discounts but also because of the level of service! I give them 5 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 s. I’ve been blessed to have wined and dined at some of the “finest restaurants” in the 🌎 local & international.

Usually being the skin tone I am, service is reflected upon that regardless of how much is spent unless I’m with a person of much lighter hue unfortunately. Sad, but truth be told, drinks and food Β preferences and service vary depending on where you are and according to your taste buds, budget and/or diet. I guess what I’m saying is that the “true value” found in these “Balling On A Budget” features is really in the service received at these establishments. Whether you spend $10 or $100 in a place where you chose to spend your πŸ’°, be a restaurant, store, or recreational facility; CUSTOMER SERVICEΒ  reflects good business regardless of what a customer looks like!

So when you pop in to these spots be sure to let them know, your girl Aerial Gem sent you and that you read all about them right here http://www.EmbodyAmoor.com and they will show you a lot of πŸ’˜! Until next time duces.

Tips and Tricks have been tried and tested by yours truly! Need a host to help ensure your funcation? Hit my line @ (305) 414-4568 or email for host rates & discounts AerialGem@gmail.com I am the 1 & only “Balling On a BudgetTravel specialist -AerialGem and I approve this Message!

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