Garden Goodies: Reflections of End Season Harvest celebration 2015

After an awesome garden season last year we ended the summer in such great spirits. The day was full of great experiences. From food demonstrations with an Herbalist to yoga with me, the day was very rich.


Facilitators kanisha Jamison and Brandon Daurham of led some refreshing activities that allowed us all to share, learn, and heal while supporting one another. We met community members, discussed the exchange of each others skills and talents. We really embraced opportunities to genuinely connect with one another.


As you can see it was nothing short of a normal community family affair. We had a few different age groups and a pretty well rounded guest list. After being introduced to what turned out to be a very spiritual and energy filled experience, I was happy I didn’t allow my anger to keep me from coming. I seriously couldn’t have afforded to miss this spiritual feeding.


The village was truly amazing. My life hasn’t meant the same since I came into this love circle and I look forward to many more. This organization is truly amazing. They do more community, family, belly dance circles and much much more.¬†For those interested in joining ¬†Kenisha for a circle you can contact her directly via


My favorite time of any experience….”love time”. This was my first time co-facilitating a event with Kenisha and Latrease, head of Garden Initiatives. I had only met kenisha that day and I never would have thought we’d adopt each other as sisters eventually. It usually takes me a while to grow close to people, but the universe has aligned more people in my life I don’t have to be as guarded with. Check out some of the pictures from the yoga segment below.


After some healthy collective cognitive and spiritual engagement, we closed out the evening with an awesome, relaxing yoga session. Mats were provided. The sun was nearing set and great energy was left to be absorbed in the garden!


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