Ennis Martin: The Man,The Art, The Brand!!!


Ennis Martin The Man behind the Art


I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Ennis Martin through a mutual friend and was invited to check out some of his work during the Wicker Park Festival, where he was totally zoned into his live painting session. Every person that I’ve met through Mr. Martin, all makes reference to the great energy he brings to their atmosphere and after having the pleasure to experience that for myself, I totally understand why.


Ennis is quite the charmer. His wit and personality is translated through all his art forms  and things are no different with his Dancing. Ennis is the classic popper! Yep, this classic hip hop dance has been a passion of his since his adolescence apparently. While also a student of martial arts,  it’s clear Ennis has a great appreciation for movement.

Outside of dancing his creative appetite has grown to include; awesome impersonations,  dope line drawings and one of his top loves, painting. He explores lots of science fiction concepts in many of his bodies of work. When you really pay attention, you’ll notice the indication of his connection, awareness and use of that energy.

The Art:

For someone who enjoys “pushing boundaries and exploring the edge,” he’s very disciplined at perfecting his craft. Focused on producing quality, he  insist upon reaching a certain level of expertise, it’s all about maintaining consistency for the different techniques used in many of his paintings and other pieces. Unlike most Artist, wood is a favorite canvas for Ennis and is becoming signature to the Ennis Martin Brand. I personally find the texture and perspective elements explored on wood really makes a lot of his work feel three dementional.


For most artist, the term struggling artist is all to familiar. But Ennis believes pushing through those stages of dedication to self discovery and development is becoming well worth it.


Contracting with his 1st major art gallery, Jackson Junge in Chicago’s very own Bucktown neighborhood for it’s 3rd consecutive year and currently working on getting his work in a 2nd, Mr. Martin is certainly making a name for himself.

Not only is Martin making waves on the local art scene, but he’s also leaving his foot prints in the commercial design industry. Ennis Martin is definitely a modern day renaissance man and an inspiring trailblazer in the Art world.

Ennis the man, lives a very humble lifestyle, but the influence of his work has proven to be of value much more substantial than the limited exposure and inner workings of his workspace and mind. His work is becoming more and more popular by the day so don’t be surprised to notice a Ennis Martin peice gracing the home decor of one of your neighbors homes.

Ennis has also worked with plenty of other dope artist to create influential bodies of work like the “The Black Book Chronicles” featured above. However, his in-demand dope line drawings and other signature sea, sci-fi creatures and concepts, puts Martin in a league of his own.

The Brand:

Over the years Martin’s work has grown and elevated the decor of many places with cool murals. Schools, local eateries and bars, mainly in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago, IL definitely captures the Ennis Martin signature. Most recently, his signature sci-fi theme designs have also elevated brands like Aquanaut Brewing Company.

Releasing the final designs for the brewing company’s 2nd beer label, you can now purchase your very own Ennis Marin collectible while they’re still affordable. While Martin is a very down to earth guy, his work is skyrocketing literally taking his fans into another world.


Works to come include some pretty exciting things for the world of science fiction. I must say, I love love love having the inside scoop. I won’t say too much, but rumor has it there’s talk of something like a graphic novel and much much more in store.  I guess we will all have to stay tuned for things to unfold. Moooouuuuuaaaah lbvvs. In my “Dr. Evil” voice!

I know cheesy right?…buuut I couldn’t help myself. I mean it is that season.  Anyway, as always I hope you all enjoyed today’s read. It’s “Empire Building Wednesdays” and as usual, team work makes the dream work. I’m excited and inspired. Are you ready to lay the first brick to building your own empire?

If you’d like to commission Ennis Martin for a collaboration, or a piece of your own, his contact info is linked right below.




Now hone in on your in on your empire building goals.  Channel your inner Martin and go be great muah! Happy empire building!

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