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screenshot_2016-10-25-16-02-30Whenever I ride my scooter, someone always says to me. Hey nice bike, where did you get your scooter? Of course once I answer the question, it’s followed by many others like; How much did you pay for it? How fast does it go? Do you need a license for it? And do kids have to be a certain age to ride?

While I often don’t mind sharing this information, like most people I grow tired of having to repeat myself saying the same information over and over. Especially, on days when you just don’t feel like doing that much talking.  Being that I love the work I do, I hate to miss out on the opportunity to gain another reader. Which is why, I decided to go ahead and put it in a post for you.

Today’s post is going to answer the very first question and the rest of the questions will be addressed in a following post. Before I get to that, for those of you that have been following our blog, you know that we pride ourselves on giving you honest, legit reviews of the places, products and services that we visit. Although now, I have a good working relationship with the place I brought my scooter from US1 Scooters in North Miami, it didn’t quite start off that way.


Prior to making a purchase, of course I did my research. At first I considered purchasing a used scooter to save money. But given the fact that I knew, I would be using it as my main source of transportation and that my seven-year-old son would sometimes be riding on the back, I though it be a better decision to purchase brand new!

As a mother first, safety is something that we’re constantly thinking about, when it comes to protecting our children. So I decided to purchase new to avoid having to worry about old mechanical issues that will prevent me from getting to work on time, or jeopardize our future.

After deciding how much I wanted to spend and not finding any real reviews on this place, I decided to try my chances with a purchase US1 scooters. Of course my first encounter was a pleasant one with the man who assisted me, who actually turned out to be the owner. I mean if you try to make a sale you’re obviously going to be nice to your potential customer. Not saying that they needed my sale, but they didn’t necessarily have potential customers lined up at the door waiting to buy or rent a scooter.

My father always said the difference between good and bad business practices is making a 1 time sale and making a returning customer. Being a business man himself, he prided himself not only on teaching us good business practices but also how-to be educated consumers.


If I am going to refer a place to someone to spend their hard earned money, I am going to send you to a place where I know for sure you will not only get the best deal, but also quality service. If you can’t control anything else in this world 1 thing is for sure, you can control who you give your money to. It’s called purchasing power and in today’s society. Cash is king and money does make the world go round and unfortunately make some people go crazy.

So this review has been delayed because given the start of my relationship with this shop, I didn’t know if this was going to be a good or bad review. Now that I’ve had my bike for some time now and currently awaiting for my bike to be serviced, since then I have purchased a 2nd bike from the same shop for my girlfriend. So I figured the time is now.


So course along with the purchase of my bike, I was happy to find out that it came with a 6 month warranty. However happy it did, I didn’t expect to have any issues with my  brand “new” bike, but unfortunately I did. So Like any normal person I returned the bike US1 Scooters. Granted I was upset, because I was now dealing with issues I specially tried to avoid  by purchasing brand “new”.

Now I understand, that sometimes manufacturers “accidentally” put out defective products. Given that I have warranty, I maintained my composer and allowed the shop to “fix” my brand new bike. However not even 2 weeks later upon receiving it back, I experienced another breakdown and Unfortunately, another barely a month after.

I had only owned this vehicle less than 3 months and had 3 breakdowns within that time period. Having lost money and time I was frustrated. Trying to give this shop the benefit of doubt, I insisted the owner give me a brand new bike, considering that’s what I paid for. Denying my claim, I was told that my purchase was not only non-refundable but, the only thing he could do for me was fix the 1 he sold me.

Frustrated and unhappy, I felt like I had been ripped off and started to go on social media and rant about the lack of customer service. Not only because I was mad, but also, because I didn’t want anyone to experience what I did after spending their hard earned money. Although I wanted to save other people from having a similar experience, I had to 1st help myself, because this guy clearly didn’t care to.

After praying about the situation. I called my twin sister and told her what happened. Hallelujah, prayer works! Because she had the answer that helped me solve my problem. Now, before I tell you how she helped me turn this whole situation around, I felt defeated and taken for a fool. I wondered if I wasn’t receiving the service I felt I deserved from the owner, because I was a woman and because I was black, or simply because he didn’t care.

Regardless, my sister had come up with a plan that would demand the respect I deserved. She said sister, today we live in the age of technology, live streaming and followers. Today consumers have something, better than justification through legal representation that works alot faster.


We have Purchasing power amplified, with the ability to influence millions of potential customers worldwide given the mass platforms of social media and blog sites like She reminded me That purchasing power comes with consumer rights that can be enforced by your consumer contracts (receipts). Online platforms gives us more creative ways and accessibility to enforce the rights protected in said contracts.

In virtual spaces like these, regular consumers who write reviews on businesses products and services with the smallest social media following can become king. With 1 viral thread, depending if it’s good or bad a company can either gain hundreds of potential customers or lose them. People love controversy and it can spread like a wildfire. Hince the Delta airlines doctor situation. 1 bad comment from a flight attendant broadcast on social media cost this company millions.

People always put on a good face for the camera. Hince the current presidential debate. Take situation with Donald Trump another businessman and the incident with Access Hollywood, realizing the camera was off while the microphone was not can cost him the whole election. We will find out for sure after Nov.8th.

Anywho, My sister told me to do a live broadcast the next time I was in this scooter shop. She insisted that I be extremely pleasant and take control of the situation by setting the tone, while streaming live. She said, as soon as you walk through the doors; without saying anything directly to the shop staff, announce to my viewers that I was recording a live blog of my experience, while getting my bike serviced.

Having just watched this exact scenario work, on 1 of our favorite classic tv shows “A different World” She said, knowing that they are being filmed and broadcasted live, I guarantee you get the service you deserve. She was right! Granted it shouldn’t have taken all of that, I’m glad she helped me use my purchasing powers and blogging/reporting experience for good, rather than for evil- in my my doctor evil voice lbvs. As well as for the benefit of everyone involved and not just me.

Not only are myself and the owner on much better terms now, but since then, he’s told me that he has gotten more business from my recommendations and appreciates the fact that I took the time to write an honest review, allowing us to both grow in reconciliation.

screenshot_2016-10-25-15-57-09Take a look at how my bad experience turned into a good 1 your self in the video below. Before you do………

Remember when you feel like your back is against the wall, you can’t go Right, can’t go left and obviously you don’t want to go down, you can always go up. God has really been teaching me how to love past my pain and that we are all worthy of a chance for improvement. To become better than we were yesterday. Better individuals, better business practices, better community members and a better village.

It’s been real guys, thanks for reading and remember to use my promo code: AerialGem for special discount when visiting US1 scooters for all your scooter rental and purchasing needs. This is the 1 and only Aerial Gem reporting and I approve this message!

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