Let’s Ride: Our Flirty 30 Birthday Extravaganza

Hiiiiiieeeeeee, it is rounding down to scorpio season baby. I’m so excited. My 20’s were off the chain. Each year I did something different and each year more extravagant than the last. Spending most of our birthdays making sure everyone else enjoyed themselves at our expense, we started our own sister sister annual birthday tradition.

Horseback riding since we were in highschool, we decided to make the experience exclusive to our special bonding celebration. Living across the nation from one another past few years, often makes more difficult to celebrate together. So this has been a great way to substantiate the bond that only she and I share.

Our experience for most part, has remained private to us but for this piece, I decided to bring you all along for the reflection of last year’s ride as we prep for this one. So hope you’re excited as we are every year, so wheeew…come on baby let’s go! Lbvvs.


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We ride where ever we end up together this time of year. When we’re home though we go to the Forest View Ranch in Tinley Park. The trails are beautiful. $25 for an hour out with beautiful horses and nature is always well worth it. The best part is, if your experienced you get to trot and even gallop. Now, because Jen and I have been going for years often, times we get extra perks.

We have our favorite horses we ride all the time. Wrangler is my favorite and I feel at home when I get to ride him. He likes my nick-name for him “Wrangey”. Anyway, we get to race each other from time to time and lead the ride too.

Now I mentioned last years’ birthday celebration being off the chain and it’s true. This is just part 1 of last years’ festivities. Part 2-4 are sure to follow at a later date so stay tuned.

Although our birthday is one of our best times to ride, it’s great to ride during the summer months and snow months too. Each season provides a different but equally magical time. This year your invited to ride with us. If your game, leave us a comment for more details and stay tuned for the que…..and let’s ride.


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