Akira Style Party

This year was awesome.  After years of club outings, countless trips, party bus and a grand dinner party experience we ran out of cool ideas to celebrate until the one and only Aerial Gem suggested A professional style party with Akira. This birthday concept seemed to have been writen in the stars. The opportunity and experience just came about so beautifully. The entire evening just had a really natural flow.




The night was full of love, fun and fashion. We started with some light refreshments and wine. Enjoyed some interesting ice breaker moments and enjoyed a personal presentation of the seasonal collection of the stores inventory by one of the stylist and associates.

We played a few shopping games and all got to experience the queen treatment. Feeling like stars and enjoying the pampering, we each worked with a team of or personal stylist that created special looks tailored to our individual needs.


Following our games and personal stylist experience. We had even more fun with a fashion show & shoot. The sip and shop ambience, personal stylist experience, special discounts, giftbags, awesome guest, great energy and beautiful memories are enough to last a life time.




Have you been to a style party? There becoming a trending concept and a much more creative and fun way to shop. I’ve been invited to a few swap parties this year, tons of fashion shows and pop up shops. If i could i would attend them all. But a style party is very hard for me to miss.

If you’d like to book your very own, just contact Aerial Gem via (305) 414 4568. If you own a boutique that offers style parties, please share your information in the comment section below…hollerrrrrr…XoXo.

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