Season Pickings


So last year I went apple picking for the first time and it… was… awesome lbvs. I spent an an amazing day with family and friends. County line¬†Orchard¬†has some of the best apples I’ve ever had.


The ride is about 45 mins from the city. The weather was perfect, nice and bright. The temperature was warm but brisk. But of course for me, this was once again another impromptu adventure.


When I got the invitation to go apple picking I thought to myself, what the hell, why not. I had never been before and well I figured I needed fruit anyway. Besides I often wondered if I would actually taste the difference in freshly picked apples and oh boy. There is definetly a difference.


We took the tracter rides to the apple fields. They were big enough to fit several families at a time. There were so many different kinds Of apples. The fields were huge and it seemed like the rows went on for hours. The Jubilee and the Fugi apples were my personal favorite.


Every one had a good time. We all enjoyed the variety. It was really beautiful to walk through the apple fields. The sight of greenery all around, the walls of trees hovering over you as you walk through, all the different families and kids enjoying apple heaven, it really made the whole experience feel pretty magical.



The greatest thing about experience was all of the family oriented attractions. They had a kids farm, a huge barnyard marketplace and a pumpkin patch too. It was cool to feed the animals. Great for a kids party or a father daughter date, the environement was perfect. The kids had a blast.

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We ended the day at the pumkin patch. This was a complete surprise for me. I didn’t know the invitation included pumkins until we got there. But still I love the idea of apple picking during pumkin season.





The pumkin display was awesome. It reminded me of an oversized doll house. Full of adults and kids, everyone took a moment to enjoy as their very own temporary pumkin jungle gym. County Line Orchard had everything to offer for the perfect memorable fall, or holiday outing.


They are known to have long lines of customers excited about their signature popular doughnuts. They have tons of vendors offering delicious samples of all kinds of products. Everything from salsa to different kinds of tea beverages, your time is sure to be complete with a taste bud fiesta before leaving. The smell of the marketplace draws you in and leaves you smiling high off life.

Although you have to travel a bit for the experience, it’s worth it for a great awesome family time. Great for a fun date option, or a communal bonding session, County Line Orchard has it all this time a year.

Take a visit for yourself and please share your experience with us. Are there any other holiday hidden gems we should know about? If you’ve ever been to a place that brought back the magic you remember as a kid, you are blessed. If you’d like to, County Line Orchard awaits you. Tell them Embody Amoor, sent you and enjoy.

As always I hope you all enjoyed today’s read. Until next time, continue to enjoy the beauty of discovery. Love you all to life hollerrrrrrrr.


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