Rise Of The “Fallen” Empire


One of my favorite memories I have of my father is this dance he used to do. His happy dance! He would do this dance every time we went to check on 1 of his propertys, or to pick up checks from clients who’s houses he was currently working on and especially when he paid bills. He would yell out “wooo, I love getting paid & I love paying bills” while, doing his happy dance of course!

I said to him one afternoon, “I don’t see why paying bills makes you so happy. Everyone else I see on payday be so upset after they pay bills.” He said to me, “baby I love getting paid just as much as the next person, but I love paying bills because, when they’re paid off I don’t owe anyone, anything. I’ve got a clear conscious. He said “That’s the difference between rich and poor thinking.

Poor thinking will keep you in a cycle of renting, rich thinking will produce ownership. That’s why I love my job, and that’s why I love being my own boss. It’s hard work, I had to learn to love it.” He said, “most people die working hard just trying to make a living, that’s why I learned how to work smart.”

One day after putting out leads like the mail man for his business, I said “daddy why do we have to get up so early in the morning and do this? Why can’t we do this after school, I don’t see why we have to do this anyway. We already rich ain’t we?

He said “I am my own boss, because I get more done before 11 am in the morning then most people get done all day. I’m rich, you don’t have jack shit which is why you’re earning your keep. You can’t do it after school, because yall have to work in my office doing data entry and making calls after you do your homework.

Ain’t nothing free in this world, not a stay in a prison cell, or even a patch of dirt. You have to work for every thing and nothing worth having is just gona be handed over to you. What you put into life is exactly what you will get out of it.”

My father learned all this in prison where he got his business degree. He said “being confined to 4 walls, locked behind a cell 23 hours aday for 10 years taught him discipline, focus and how to think outside that box. While figuring out how to get out of that cage he was also figuring how to change his life. Doing that became fun to him. He knew he could be the baddest tuff guy that’s how he ended up there. He wanted to know if he could become the best good guy to prove it himself.

The most valuable lesson he left my twin sister and I with before he was killed, he taught us how to party productivity, how to enjoy the work we did; from schoolwork, to sports, to starting a business and now this blog. He also taught us to see the big picture..the struggle of figuring out how to draw that picture is just a small part of life’s journeys.

He said, “As long as yall support and take care of each other yall will be alright, no one does it alone. Hell, that’s why I got married. To be successful in this life, you dont need a bunch of people, all you need is a few good, loyal people who believes what you believe and is just as committed to the goal as you are. Yall are fortunate than most because, you already have each other.”

Some how, I think my dad knew his time with us was coming to an end. It’s because of that statement, I knew he saw a future for us without him in it. Like he knew his past would catch up to him sooner than we all expected and it did.

Some of his last words to us was “I knew I had to come back for my babies and do right by yall, because outside of all this material stuff yall are all I have, yall are my legacy and my name. Killed in the process of transferring his business and properties over into our names, he’d hoped to set us up for a good jump start at life on her own.

Though he didn’t get to complete that task physically, he did in every way possible spiritually & mentally. My father is not a ghost to me, but his spirit rises in me like a fire lit by my ancestors that can never be snuffed out.  I hope he knows that we try to live the lessons he taught us everyday. No matter how hard things get…believing the principles he taught us…believing in ourselves …believing in god is something that we will never stop!!!

I hope this insight inspires you to push past and over the hump and onward to your dreams and goals. Do you have any “empire building” lessons you’d like to share? Please feel free via the comment section below.

Until next time, I am the 1 and only AERIAL 💎 (GEM) and I approve this message. Happy empire building guys muah.

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  1. The power of your story spoke deeply to my heart. Your father was an amazing man and your story is inspiring. Meeting you and your friend, whose name I don’t want to attempt to write for fear of butchering her beautiful name ,was as if a treasure chest of amazement lifted the scales of life into a perfect melody and dance. Thank you both for sharing your smiles and laughter with me. Marianne

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  2. aerialgem says:

    Awwwww reading your beautiful comment this morning made me cry …Happy tears of course. Andrea and I Thankyou sooo much for taking the time to converse and share your awesome travel stories with us, talk about inspiring. I believe everything happens for a reason, I take our interaction with you to be any different. Your life experience is definitely meant to be shared and will help so many misguided people. Im so excited for your book and would love to feature some of your work right here on EmbodyAmoor If you are open to it? Your warm presence, heartfelt words and willingness to connect to total strangers is like a breath of fresh air. It was truly our pleasure to share that corner in starbucks with you. Interactions like ours is what really make a coffee shop an open community workplace. I look forward to seeing you at the office again. Have a great day and God Bless you sweetheart.


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