Urban Oasis 4: RoofTop Farm Fun


So unfortunately, I haven’t been to the roof top farm at all this year. I re-located out of state for a new job opportunity so my gardening efforts have been limited to my mom’s small lawn flower garden.

Last year I spent majority of my time between the roof top farm and the community garden and it completely changed my life. Caring for living things definetly changes you. I made several attempts to keep you all updated on the farm’s progress. However, I never got around to sharing my favorite part of the experience, the harvest…enjoy.

Chard: my 1st time growing & eating.
What can I say, me and “Al” grew pretty close during his short stay.


Peppers baby!
Tomatoes fried and & green anyone?
Baby cucumbers
So delicious full grown
Taste completely different freshly picked
Tomatoes struggled a bit but still tasty.
Harvest Art

As you can see crops were popping. Peppers, Mint, Cucumbers, Chard, Tomatoes, left me in fresh veggie heaven. I saved a good $30 harvesting this day. After a whole year in the garden I feel more prepared for my own soon. I can’t wait.


I plan to find time to get back to it soon, but in meantime check out this years’ beautiful garden aestetic. The following pictures are courtesy of the garden’s FB page. Even though I won’t be on the rooftop to often anymore, I will try my best to keep you all upated with more awesome pictures and progress.

51 st. Greenline view of the Bronzeville Community Garden 2016

What are you growing on your window ledge, rooftop or front lawn?

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