Aerial Gems Hit list Feature #2: G🎮me Changers

fb_img_1475242526692A couple of saturdays ago, while celebrating my loves birthday we stumbled across this little bar looking for a bathroom before we hit the boulevard for a night out on the town! Once inside we realized that this was the exact bar that I sent to her FB page a few short days before, while trying to find a budget-friendly option to celebrate with friends for her Birthday!


Not everyone can afford to attend lavish birthday extravaganzas, so being that I am all about that BallingOnA Budget lifestyle, screenshot_2016-09-29-17-24-25we wanted to find a spot that would work for anyone wanting to come out and celebrate with us! This place is perfect for group parties, celebrating any occasion and especially 😎 place where even non-drinkers can enjoy good company, music and activities!

Having a hard time trying to figure out where to have your next party? I know where I’m celebrating my 2nd #Flirty30 #theme birthday party. Of course hooking you up too, hosting Embody Amoors’ signature game parties happening a weekday near you :)! Meanwhile, Hit up my girl Alyssa-Director of Special Events & Marketing so you’re not left scrabbling for a budget-friendly hot spot on your birthd🎂y. She will definitely help you set it off!

Taking it back old school, The Social Room is equipped with a full bar with an awesome painting of the late Notorious Biggie Smalls, an out door patio filled with gaming stations. The whole space is filled with giant size classic games like Genga, Connect four, Tic tac toe, as well as, other games that prompt you to put down the phones and actually be more social hence, The Social Room.


This cool little hidden g💎m is right here in downtown Hollywood Florida. Located at 1916 block of Harrison street.  This barcade is unlike any other in the south Florida area. Yes, outside of regular board games you can even play old school video games on the flat screen like Ninento! Connecting with strangers in such a way definitely makes you feel like a kid again! When I say game-changer in the bar scene, I mean just that!


Not much of a talker? No worries, the Social Room is the perfect place to break the ice, play some games listen to some good 🎶 and vibe! Best thing about this spot is they are located right across from Young Circle park which is super family friendly. Something for everyone right here in downtown Hollywood on our awesome Funtastic Fridays!

Just in time for winter, the Social Room opens at 5pm in the evenings, which means couples, friends and co-workers can pop-in after work for a cocktail, play a game and leave all the stress from work on the table! On Fridays like today, ladies you can do it all for free untill 10pm! That’s right Fridays is 🚺 night! There is no other place in south Florida that I know of that offers free drinks from 5pm-10pm on a Friday, or any weekend day for that matter!

So if you are a social gamer, you will love this spot, and if you are a game changer like me and want to know how to get paid to play games, doing exactly what you do now for free…then Boss up and meet me at my office (Social Room) for  some free drinks drin🍸s and a game of Chess and If you get there before I do, tell my favorite bartender Ms.Gina I sent you and she will take care of you until I get there. S👀 you there?…your move!

These tips and tricks have been tried by yours truly, I am the one and only AerialGem G💎m your #BallingOnABudget Travel Specialist and I approve this message! Until next time, love you guys to life. Don’t forget to hit that follow botton at the end of this post and share with family and friends. Now go be great!

#MoorLove #MoorResources #MoorFun #MoorGameChangers bringing you.  #MoorGreatness

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