Cuffing Season!

When Chicago weather started to kool, I posted the following on social media ….

Seems like every other day I’m getting hit on now I mean seriously saught out…my first thought was.. are people finally ready to appreciate a good woman??? Then I realized duh it’s #CuffingSeason (lbvvs) laughing but very very serious.😜😜 Do people still say duh though?? lol anyway, guess it could be both. 😒😕😁

That epiphany inspired #TheReadOfTheDay:

Women nearing 30’s be like,….

“I know this is extremely rare now days but are there any men that have everything they need and want in life accept someone to share or build with????”

“Does anyone else ever feel like maybe they have unrealistic expectations of love or is it just me 😒???”

woman over 30 be like I’m…..


You young folk need to….


screenshot_2016-07-09-12-23-20-1While most want this. Our social norms on the dating scene leads us to try to impress one another more than actually connecting. So how do we change that?

Well we can’t always date like this…

In your “get him girl” dress, thinking pretty is all it takes…

….and expect a guy to think about everything else we have to offer but sex. Buuut….


We have to start with setting new standards of social interaction.

The dating game doesn’t have to be scary or stressful if you take control and prep for it.


Theres no better way to learn someone’s true character than to experience it under different circumstance. Anyone can be the perfect date in a romantic setting. But what are you like when you get upset, excited, scared or nervous??

What about how you handle money management? These are things you find out when you date outside the box and attend things like game nights, open mic or spoken word events, social shopping sorie etc. If you’re ready to get back into the dating “game”, i have some fun ways to date outside the box via my….

“Cuffing Season”; South Side CHI Event Hot List:

*Some Like It Black Cafe (Battle of the sexes spoken word set) coming soon but in meantime:

Get more info here.

*M Lounge relationship conversation piece w/ #Shantellem: hosted by Jet Mag’s relationship columnist Shantell Jamison


Help us celebrate 1 year of “Conversation: A Relationship Chat and Day Party Experience” on Sunday Oct. 23rd! -Shantell Jamison

Rsvp here

*Exclusive Chi Town Game nights w/ #EmbodyAmoor

If you can’t have fun with a person you probably can’t do anything else with them either!!


You.. Are…In..vited to Game niiiiiiiight 🎊🎉🍻lbvvs! But this is a private partay & invite only. . I look forward to seeing you all this weekend. You’re in store for a new art ambiance & game night experience. Now because this party is private you must rsvp to get access to location here or Eventbrite

See you guys there and happy cuffing…Xoxo

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