Money Moves

Money moves you. Money moves me. It’s not the only thing and people don’t like to admit it but yes it is true. Money moves barriers and people out of the way too. But what if making money was simply about moving people into place to embrace the same opportunity you have to play?

Often times, making money moves requires alot of sacrifice. Sometimes there made at the expense of time, money you barely have as is and even other people. But, What if the next move you made had the potential to change your entire life? And in a way that included the benefit of others as well as you?

Truth is it does!

Im not here to convince you it will happen over night, or to make the moves I’m making. I’m simply here to share my experience and the things I’m learning are possible with a simple shift in perspective. Meet the 1st edition of Game “kNiGhts”.

And it’s true. What if every move we made, we did with the intention of getting closer to our end goal? Whether it’s a new house, business, relationship, or impact in the community etc, we would reach our goals alot faster and without strenuous effort. Game “kNiGhTs” allow you to really get in, prep and have fun for the game of life!


Summer 2010 I decided I wanted to help change my community. Instead of making excuses related to not having money to do so, everday I set my mind on the intention. Over time all the resources I needed started coming to me. I must say I’m throughly impressed by the things that become possible when you make an agreement with the universe!

The key is keeping your commitment. A really good friend reminded me ,”don’t bullshit the universe”-Kenisha Jamison. This made me realize to treat it as a realistic person in my life I feel obligated to keeping a commitment to. That way I stay disciplined the same way I did the first agreement I made back in 2012.

So after my flirty 30 last year I decided it would be the year of finance. Not just having a savings account, but creating some real security. Black folk have riches, but creating wealth will continue to run deficit in our communities if we stay in pre-conditioned thinking.

So once again I’ve made the intention or decision to keep my new agreement with the universe and the game of life is officially on! I’m so excited for this journey and even more to share with you all. The more that can benefit and pass on the info, the better off we will all be.


Most recently I’ve drawn some fun money making opportunities my way and so far I’m impressed. Check out some of the awesomeness I get to experience via my most recent acquisition of secondary income.


That’s right loves Embody Amoor brings you our signature exclusive “GaMe KnIgHts” where you can have a great time getting paid $$ to play! Cha Ching$! Oh yeaaaah ! Lbvvs.

GaMe “KnIgHts” are ready for the game of life! You gone finally start playing the game? Or you gone continue to let the game play you?

We Have made an agreement to enjoying life, playing games, make money doing it and share the joy and opportunities for our friends and families to do the same. “This how we do it!,” “In my Will Ferrall as Tupac voice”. You want in? Shoot me an email for a personal invitation to the next exclusive game night. Remember this partay is invite only. No Invite, No Access, No Exceptions!


What money moves have you made recently? Any you’d like to share? Feel free to do so in the comments below. This is what we do! Your move!

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