Out Of The Cacoon: Reflections of Yoga In The Garden

Photo Credit: Samantha Scipio

Yoga and meditation taught me the infinite powers I posess inside! I’d often watch Jess during her sessions but never fully innerstood her inner glow until I experienced it for myself. I learned how to apply breathing techniques in everything I do from yoga, to biking, calenstetics, and boxing!  If you haven’t tried it before, simply take a few minutes in a quiet spot to your self and tune inward this Tuesday!

Know thyself!

Embody Physique Health & Fitness, Embody Amoor and The Bronzeville Community Garden inspires us to “grow south” and “grow strong and healthy together.” They did an amazing job providing free sessions for all those that were open to:

14188327_843671929067107_2648404891486449461_o-1-1-1This season was awesome. It started off kind of slow. But when it picked up, it ended with a bang! Most people don’t know that Jess moved to Wisconsin to take a new job a few months ago. She travels back and forth to Chicago on the weekends to meet her goals of providing yoga sessions.

She told me the 1st week was so slow, she wasn’t sure her efforts were worth it. The next time she came to town she was running off 2 & 1/2 hours of sleep from a sunrise photo shoot earlier that morning. She told me she was exhausted. She had worn herself out a bit, supporting our peers social events that weekend.

Between that, her early morning shoot, work and yoga, she pleaded with herself to push through. She grew frustrated and started to cry and was ready to throw in the town. During her commute to the garden for yoga, she stopped and broke down a second time. She realized she was running late and desperately tried to justify not going all together, telling herself no one would show up anyway.

For anyone who know Jess, they know she doens’t half ass anything. Whatever she commits to she puts a 100% into it. So you can imagine the battle she had with her self in these momements. Of course hearing this story, i was so curious and asked her what made her decide to go anyway. She told me as she sat on the bus stop crying, she heard this song in her head:

Getting her 2nd wind. Just as she got on the bus, she received a text from one of her yogis. She was told people were at the garden ready for the day’s yoga session.

Although, I wasn’t there for whole season, I was told these love lights truly brought peace and joy to all that whitnessed their experience especially Jess. She said when she left that day she was so happy she pushed through! She left feeling like she was on top of the world. I was even more touched by her fellow yogis’ heart felt reviews.


“Working with so many beautiful spirits while transforming the energy and area of the Bronzeville Community garden was one of the most rewarding experiences i had this past summer. Theres nothing like connecting to self through nature. It truly is pure bliss.”-JFal a.k.a. Mama love


That’s what Jessica told me about her experience as a yoga sister guide. She calls all her fellow yogis “Yogi Bears”. How cute is that?. She truly believes all that attended were equal in value to the Bronzeville neighborhood peace iniatiative and transition. When you feel good inside, It definitely shows! Team work breaks us all from our cacoons and turns us into beautiful butterflys.

As the weeks progressed, so did we! I attended in spirit and digitally from Florida as I followed along with you all there. The final weeks session we advanced to our 1st intermediate pose. I was actually able to fly in for the last season session and the elevation.

I didn’t think I was ready but that didn’t stop me from trying and with a little effort and right instructor, anything is possible! Although I do need more practice to get better form, dancers pose never felt so good. Cheers to growth!



We had a great season. Next year will be even better! Do you have any yoga experiences or new moves that changed your life??? Please share in comments below. Until next time love you all to life…..Namaste. I am


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