Ambiguous Smiles

Who’s Who, among game changers and game players?! Are you making loot in this game of life or just getting looped by the game? Who’s who? Who are you?

Take a lesson from the Ol Jays and the late Bernie Mac. Recall, the comedian’s tv show? Specifically the episode where he referenced the game of life “Chess”, in terms of building and running his empire (home, business & family name/legacy).

In this particular episode he also left us with a soundtrack to life that played in the background as he discovered the posing pawns that challenged his authority and leadership within his kingdom. So before you embark on today’s read I’m just going to set this right here:

Is there a such thing as healthy competition? One thing for sure is competition definitely breeds jealousy, insecurity and disgraceful behavior. Hence, the current race to the white house for U.S. presidency, leader of the “free” world, land of opportunity, the “American dream” to foreigners and the “American lie” to locals.

On a more personal note, being an identical twin, people don’t often realize how hard life can be growing up constantly being compared to each other. People act like we’re the same person asking dumb ass questions that bread insecurities, jealousy and fighting into our natural sibling relationship like:

Who’s the smart one? Or Who’s the mean one? Who is the good one?Implying that the other is bad, the complete opposite or we are the exact same with no variations. Instead of treating us like regular people, who experience a range of different emotions and develop personality traits as we grow and become accustomed to the world we live in.

My all time favorite though, “If I pinch you, will your sister feel it”? As If I won’t feel the pain at all. Furthermore, If she’s not next to me at that moment, how would I know If she felt It or not? People think we are super human, because we were born at the same time. Which is a huge misconception about twins by the way.

Nobody is born the same time except simese twins. Other twins share a womb but they too are born individually. Finally, the last most common question: Where is your other half? As If I’m not a whole person all on my own.

Although the dissention caused by this may be pure ignorance. Truth is, even outside of twinland “people want to see you do well, but nobody wants you to do better than them”! Your parents are the exception and even that’s a rarity now a days. In our society particularly western society, everyone is in competition with one another!

Contrary to popular belief, there is a such thing as healthy competition. Twins are a perfect example of how! Jess and I are always in competition with one another, we realize in life, there’s some things she’s better at and with other things I hold the upper hand. However, we’ve learned to nurture each other’s weaknesses and learn from each other’s strengths. This method helps us both become better individually while being more effective and impactful together!

We’ve learned this through our adult playtime literally playing games of all kinds. Making games out of our work, and learning to party productively is our favorite!  While we would love to be able to develop a similar relationship with everyone we care about…

Truth of the matter is, while we want to help as many people as we can, we had to realize that we can’t save everyone.

Despite how big your heart is, you have to learn when to cut your losses. Realize that some people will come into your life specifically to try to bring you down, simply because they can’t be you. Instead of becoming the best version of themselves, they’d rather spend their time trying to hold you back, or make you believe that your ideas and goals are unrealistic and un-obtainable.

You have to recognize who’s who in your life and stop allowing people to just tell you who they are. Family and closest friend’s included, pay attention to actions and patterns. While some are actively working to change bad ones, those that aren’t, more than likely will end up being a deficit to you.

Harsh reality is “Sometimes family will bring you down faster than strangers”-Players club!

The negative Nancys, the Nae sayers, the Haters, the Non-Believers, the Procrastinators, Excuse-makers, the Lurkers, Leaches, Snakes, Problem sayers and shakers, recognize who they are. You don’t have to cut all contact but at very least re-evaluate and adjust your interaction with them. When you have people in your life saying stuff like “she trying to steal your shine” pay attention to Satan’s little helpers.

You have to recognize who’s who and at some point also recognize when you have become 1 of the described above too. We are all human fall victim to our circumstances. Unhappy with your situation, don’t look for blame else where. Change starts with you!

Despite what people say, you shouldn’t have to dim your light for others to shine. However, it’s vital to remember the importance of spreading or sharing the light. Knowing when to pass the light, allowing others to be great as well, makes for a more powerful force than any 1 individual! Team work makes the dream a reality!

At the end of the day you are your own competition! Got beef? Want to squash it? Try practicing revolution by resolution and collaborate instead of competing. If must compete, try do so in healthy way by implementing some of the tips Jess and I use and be amazed at the transformations that take place in your life! Step ☝ on faith, take your place! Embody Amoor and go be great! Class dismissed!

If you’d like to share tips on ways of embracing healthy competition, please do so in comment section below. I am the one and only Aerial 💎(gem) and I approve this message!

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