Humpty Dumpty

So I never got the point of that nursery rhyme, but I do know when I listen to my self recite it, I feel like I’m desynstising myself to the fact that Humpty’s life changed dramatically after that fall lbvvs.


Now it can be assumed basically he was never the same again however, the actual rhyme states, depending on which version of it your referencing, “all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put Humpty together again.”

So we don’t know that Humpty was never made whole again. We just know the kings horses and men couldn’t make him like before.


If we pay close enough attention to the patterns in our own lives. We could all stand to learn some deep lessons from Humpty. When we fall, even if we have someone to help us up, those people won’t be able to make us whole again.


We have to be accountable for our actions now and make sure we climb our walls with safety nets to catch ourselves and one another when we fall. Like Humpty, at some point in our lives, everyone does.

The important thing is to make sure our lives do change after. We can’t keep letting ourselves fall over and over again causing more damage each time. At some point we have to learn from our mistakes and do something different!

But how do we create our safety nets??? Multiple streams of income! That’s right loves.


It is “Empire Building Wednesday’s” and today’s hump day read is all about embracing steps to successfully bounce back when we fall off of that wall we’re climping to financial freedom!

There are so many different ways to do it. But most of us put everything into the misconception that we can create that safety net with 1 good source of income.  But how many of us work 20 years on a job, fall really hard and our lives are never the same.

The truth is, the most effective way to create that safety net is by creating multiple streams of income. So far I’m up to 2-3 on average at a time and super excited to create more. With this method not only can we get back to where we were berfore falling but we can actually put ourselves in the position to be better!

You want to learn how we do it?


You want to learn how and why we have a good time doing it?


Let us show you how. Join us this Saturday for one of our signature game nights to officially kick of “shift season”. The season of making good. $$$ with family & friends and having a great time doing it.!!!

This is a private partay by invite only and the guest list is set. However, if you want to join the fun. Reply to this post with an example of how you get over the hump and through your week! And I will followup with you directly with the private location and official invitation with exact details.

As always I hope you all enjoyed this evening’s read. I look forward to seeing you all this weekend. You’re in store for a new art ambiance & game night experience. There will be free refreshments and libation and we are having tons of fun, making good loot doing it and doing some serious building so bring your brick to lay and “Game On baby”.


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