Time Travel Tuesday: Transcendence


Daily reminder from my snugglebee today…

“Good morning love..a ladybug’s job is to protect the crop and that’s just what you do with friends, family and relationships”.

It’s no coincidence their landing on me today. We’re dressed a like too! How often do you see yellow lady bugs? This day was my 1st!


Reminding me of my purpose, nature like all things that are connected, speaks to me through color, function and being.  Every day making a conscious effort to communicate, I learn “tuning in” and listening is the key to transcending!

Me’Chelle Renee

To “Embody Amoor” is to become “Greatness on Demand”-Ashley Buchanan! On this Time Travel Tuesday… I am Stepping ☝ on Faith. I choose to embrace “ChI Town” Bridges… and high light the true essence of transcendence!

“Thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil…the lord is my shepard, I shall not want”!

This is something we’re all called to do but making it meaningful by leaving a legacy, is a challenge only accepted by a few. But not to worry because Chi town’s very own spoken word and Emcee Empress…the beautiful Me’Chelle Renee steps up to the plate and slays!

Check out one of her 1st fruits…a gift to the universe, for all those at the mercy  of main stream media’s twisted perceptions, a true depiction of mother earth, Me’Chelle’s…

A Negros Heart“!


#Passingblessings #Thanksgiving. #Shiftseason #FruitOfDiVine #Fruition #Transcend #Embodyphysique #EmbodyAmoor #Teamwork #MakesMoor #DreamsWork #DoitGod!

From “Negro Heart” to “Crucify Me” Frame by Frame……transcendence!



Do you too crucify me? Or is transcendence within you?  Now ask yourself? “Are we going alone, or are WE going together? Choice is yours? You too can “Embody Amoor” and manifest legacy!

Is your circumstances bigger than your advance? Or is your Advance, bigger than your circumstance? #MAEKTHECHOICE ….NEGRO ❤!!!

For “MOOR MUSIC 🎶 “,  FOLLOW SOUNDS OF YOUR ❤ and stay tuned for more of Me’Chelles‘ “Collective Genius“!  YOU’VE BEEN SUMMONED TO GREATNESS!

For more info and Me’Chelles’ last show, check out Set info here

Hope to see you all at the next one..it’s because of the strong love flow, love grows. See you all there …xoxo.

Now go be great!

#Glowtribe #United #LetsGo #BringABrick  #Building #BarriersintoBridges #Connect4 #ConnectMoor #MoorGreatness #SuperFriends #Squad #SquadGoals #Operation #CommunityRestoration #RevolutionByResolution

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