In honor of Embody Amoors 1 yr Anniversary and 2nd day of Fall, Your girl, the Aerial 💎 is giving all of our readers and supporters a special Balling On A Budget 🎁 today as a thankyou for helping to make this platform valuable. We 💘 sharing and Fall is the season of giving!

Oh yeah #FallenSeason spreading #FallenLove! Fall is a season of change and transition, neither can be easy but, a little help from family and super friends sure does make things alot easier doesn’t it? So to jumpstart the holiday season Hit the Link and have lunch on me!!!

Before you do, ask yourself this question “If you could save a life or just help someone with the stroke of a button, would you?” if the answer is yes, put your finger where your 👄 is and bless somebody today. Share the link to this 📪 tell people your forwarding to follow exact directions in the link and tell them to have lunch on you!

Click link:

With the staff of Embody Amoor and supporters like you we have been blessed to be able to feed many families, groups and organizations but with your help. We can feed whole neighborhoods, even communities!

Bt Taxi (302)
#Superfriends #capelife

Become a #Superfriend and bless somebody today by sharing this 📪! Don’t forget to hit that follow button to continue to receive awesome tips and tricks to BALL OUT!

Tips and Tricks have been tried and tested by yours truly. I am the 1 & only “Balling On a Budget” Travel specialist –AerialGem and I approve this Message

#Loveflow #Lovegrows #Lovelights

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