“Fallen” Temperatures ushers In Fall Fashion

Happy 1’st day of “Fall” everyone! You all know this is our faaavorite season of the year!!! Time for showing #sharingiscaring. For those of you that don’t know …..

Welcome to our Fashion Segment of “Shifting With The Seasons“! Yasss boo!

Spreading Fall love, You get to “Fallen Love”, with some great transition tips for your friend’s, family and for the whole community.

As the seasons change so must we. There is no such thing as bad weather when you’re prepared for it! And yall already know we’re all about staying ready, so you dont have to get ready! But how do you stay ready for a city that can hit all 4 seasons in a day during shift seasons?

Not to worry, we have some great creative concepts and transition tips in store for you guys. Unlike the typical Chicago weather, taking you from summer to winter over night, we promise to easy you into the transition.

Are you ready for the shift? Fall season? New beginnings? Fall Fashion? Today’s video show cases a classic vintage budget -friendly look curtesy of the one and only Aerial Gem! You know you are BallingOnABudget when you can take a $20 thrifted outfit and make it look like it cost 💰…Balling! Lets Fashion Forward together!

If you guys enjoyed this intro clip to “Shifting With The Seasons” fashion tips series, stay tuned for more. I am the one and only Aerial 💎 and I approve this message Muah!

EmbodyAMoor.com giving you Moor Love, showing you how to access Moor resources, helping us all tap into that #Moor Greatness! What will you #Maek time for?

#CapeLife #FlyFashion #TipsAndTricks #LoveFlow #LoveGrows 💘 #LetGo

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