“ChI Town” Bridges…


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Chi-Rise is officially in motion and we are extremely happy to be apart of the reason it’s happening. Although Chicago has alot of amazing architecture, this post is about building and maintaining metaphorical bridges. Chicago is an amazing adult play ground.

We can create beautiful bridges, swings, chairs and even stages out of anything we choose when we collaborate and support one another. In life your actions and interactions can mimic a bridge or a barrier. Chicago bridges are not falling down hunny but instead falling into place chile… yesssss lbvvs.



You ever here the saying, “don’t burn your bridges?” yup yup that’s exactly what today’s focus is. It’s important to maintain a balance when in pursuit of your goals. Be careful how you treat people on the way up. The same people you see on way up are the same ones you see on the way down!

Now this doesn’t mean you have to like everyone and keep them around. You don’t always have to allow people from your past into your present or future. You don’t have to let strangers or people without mutual trust into your personal space. Not everyone is rooting for your success.

At end of the day if you put energy toward supporting someone and you never see it reciprocated, or you find a relationship or connection you have is one sided, it’s perfectly healthy to limit and even omit contact to allow growth apart to take place. Although this may be best for you, how you handle it is what will ultimately determine if you burn a bridge or not.



When most of us has had enough or are fed up, we lead with discipline before communication of the actual issue. By the time we do communicate, we tend to do so emotionally. Once were emotional we divert from the root of initial issue and become reactive leading to hurtful instead of effective communication.

At end of day it won’t be easy to accept the dynamic changes in your interaction but it will at least leave room for reconciliation at some point.

Now Chi town has actually made me proud over the course of the summer. I whitnessed so many individuals and organizations and alot of you all really come together and support one another. By letting down and building bridges for your fellow neighbors, familys, friends and co workers to cross, we whitnessed a shift from burning them by competing with one another, to supporting each other and growing stronger and faster together!


Embody amoor is building some strong bridges here in Chicago all the way to Miami and beyond. Each of you have chosen to build and create more bridges all leading to “moor” mobility and opportunities for us all. We look forward to nurturing the connections that will keep these bridges 💪💪✊✊✊ for many generations and lifetimes to come!


All photo credits are due to keith L Nixon of Natural beauty photos. Models the Beauitful Aerial Gem and yours truly Jfal a.k.a. Wonderbred. If you would like to recreate a beautiful urban playground spread of your own contact keith directly at 773 600 8672. If your interested in booking fun professional models, for your next shoot or event, contact us directly via email for our rates.

As always, i hope you all enjoyed today’s read. Dont forget to follow our blog for more updates. Tag and share with friends. Remember team work makes the dream work and love grows! Love you all to life…Happy bridge building…xoxo muah!



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