Motivation Mondays: Tech Tools To Take Your Business Ideas To The Next Level!

That’s right you guys, I’m back with awesome news to kick off what we like to call Chicago’s “Shift Season.”  It is officially the end of the summer and the very last tech workshop of the summer with Bethel New Life.  A little bit of exclusive insight for our readers only,  this last workshop is the only opportunity to join by simply signing up.  To do so just follow the directions via the flyer below.

After this last workshop, Bethel will still offer these free resources, but soon you will have to compete for them!  That’s right, the official program director emailed me directly with the new updates.  So I would advise all that are interested, to take advantage and attend this last workshop.


The new tech program moving forward, will be structured very similar to the entrepreneurship training program I attended earlier this year.  Let me just say, it was a very competitive process.  It was very similar to a mini “Shark Tank” TV show.  For those who don’t know, it’s a show set up for all of my fellow budding entrepreneurs and business owners.

You basically apply, do a few presentations, meet with a panel of judges and plead your case for investors to partner in the development of your business venture.  Now I’m all for healthy competition because, I believe it keeps us sharp at the very least.  But, why not take advantage of the opportunity now?  Details are below so come on baby let’s grow!

“Preparation meets opportunity  equals success” – Star Jones

Besides, if you stay ready you don’t have to get ready!”-Embody Amoor

As always, I hope you all enjoyed today’s read.  Please remeber to click the follow button for more updates.  Share with family and friends and most importantly, use those tips so we can continue to grow strong together.  Love you all to life!  Now go be Great!

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  1. Andrea higgs says:

    Very good read for small businesses with big ideas

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