T@ngo Tuesday’s

So I finally have this 📪 up early enough today to give you enough time to plan ahead! This 1 is for all my South Floridians and tourist but especially my travel friends back home that like to escape Chicago’s frostbitten winters down here on the sandy beaches of south Florida! Do you know what today is?

Oh yeah it’s Tango Tuesdays yall!

If you are Balling On A Budget and looking for some entertainment to night? Check out Whisky Tango’s, located right here in downtown Hollywood, FL @ 1903 Hollywood Blvd!

For 2 reasons;

#1) That Red Cup special! That’s right *Ladies drink Free 9pm-Midnight!


#2) Bomb Dee-Jay tonight playing all your favorite songs from Hip-Hop to Salsa! Come on out and get you dance on for tango tuesdays yall!

*Not much of a dancer? No worries singing might just be your forte. Come on and get your free karaoke on! After a few drinks you will sound like a rockstar to everyone inside anyway, laughing but very serious!



*Food Featured here : steak tacos only $2each b4 9pm, only $1 more after 9

*Last but not least , tip your server! If you are planning on coming to that spot again, they will remember if you tipped last time and their service the 2nd time around will reflect it or lack there of. Drinks are already free so take care of your waiters because when you do, they take care of you!

*Unfortunately my favorite waitress Ms. Camille no longer works Tuesday nights but,If you coming tonight try to get a seat on the patio near the middle,  ask to be seated in Ms. Brittany or Aerials section,tell them your girl,  Aerial Gem sent you and they will show you a lot of 💘! not sure if im going tonight but you should, lbvs until next time duces!

Tips and Tricks have been tried and tested by yours truly. I am the 1 & only “Balling On a Budget” Travel specialist -AerialGem and I approve this Message!


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