Urban Juncture: Restoring Bronzeville, Restoring Community!



Bernard Loyld featured in the upper left hand corner, is the founder of the Urban Juncture foundation. I had the pleasure of meeting Bernard on my way home from the corner store one day. My sister inquired about the updates taking place at the 51st and Prairie street shopping complex.

Bernard, filled us in and invited us out to an official showing and pre-development celebration and we have been connected as dedicated village members every since. I love and admire what Urban Juncture does and represents. Urban Junctures’ goal focuses on restoring the historical Bronzeville community.

Their progress includes one of the south sides, 1st, rooftop farms located on top of the new Jerk Shack eatery, a bike shop, community garden a grocery store and much more all apart or associated with the commercial real estate complex currently being built on the corner of 51st and Prairie Ave. Most recently updated, we now have The Bronzeville Incubator. The incubator offers designated desks, co-working shared space, a conference room, roof top deck and Nate King Cole Pad. Click here for more info.

Office and Rental Space is also available.

Meet the team and join the efforts by volunteering your time, services, products where you can be of benefit as well. It takes a community to build a community. Learn more about the Urban Juncture Foundation here.

If your still  unclear of UJ’s role in the community check out the flyer below:



Bernard has witnessed dying neighborhoods get completely restored.  He believes that given the right resources, support and effort, the same can be done with Bronzeville and thanks to his dedication, we are already living the change.

We can all be apart of the progress. It starts with you! Spread the word. Stop by and invite family and friends. Together, we will make Bronzeville great again!!!

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