Feel Good Friday: A Reflection on Maek’s “Suh Dude Sundays” Roof Top day party experience

So this summer “Summer time Chi” once again delivers on an all around festive filled season. Chicago is best known as “the windy city”. Despite, it’s hot festival season draws people from all over the world to enjoy the glory. Tons of fun including many special events are popping off at this time. Everything from boating events to sports, wellness and entertainment, you name it and “summer time chi” 2016 had it!

Shout out to all the organizations that worked extremely hard to help redevelop and uplift our communities, all the entrepreneurs, land and business owners that keep us with healthier and better products and services for us, the families looking out for and taking care of one another,  and for all the community members working hard to create more advancement opportunities for us all.

So for those of you who have been hiding under a rock this summer, the “Maek Suh Dude Sundays” roof top day party’s have been hot hot! I had the pleasure of stopping through with the crew for an evening and was the perfect way to end my weekend. I even got turnt up for lil bit lbvs. Just a lil bit though lol. See my turn up be real suddle, you blink and you’ll miss it lol but very very serious. No seriously though it be real low key that’s all.

Anyway so during promos for this particular event, they mentioned there would be special guest. Now they always have dope dee jays, beautiful people and views, and dope venues I’m sure but what i love best is they also provide live entertainment with performances from dope artist from the Maek Music Label.  Now anyone who knows me by now also know i love an element of surprise so the special guest was enough for me to look forward to attending more of these social soires.

Not to mention they were free admission so y’all already know that’s perfect for your official “Balling on A Budget” queens. The only thing is that where there is free admission there is also usually a trade off so let’s just say plan to budget accordingly before hand. Pre-gaming is always a money saver to consider. If you have more than one social outing to attend in a day and your not driving this is a great way to go. Other than that i had a blast.


Finally for that surprise guest, yes y’all see that featured photo, Raii and Whitney  from America’s Got Talent.  Now i’m out of the loop due to my very limited to non existent TV intake. But that is actually a show i would watch given free at the time. Anyway what most people don’t know is “they are actually one of the hottest R & B duos out right now”.

They are actually one of the hottest R & B duos out right now.”

They certainly top Chi-towns hottest home grown artist baby along with my favorites Aniba Hotep & The Sol Collective,  Justine Ruff, Real Talk aka Mr. Write and The beautiful Mechelle Renee just to name a few! Look for my thoughts on that list in a later post. But yes hunny, they are a married duo that met in college, fell in love and grew in music together! I first learn of them when i reviewed an old friend of mines portfolio. She is one of the best Videographers and budding film makers in town, Chan C. Smith. Check out more of her work on Vimeo or Ebony/Jet.com.

I saw one of their performances and i was blown a way by their chemistry and musical expression of their beautiful connection. I’m sure we could all stand to see a bit “Moor love.” It was very poetic, their voices are beautiful and you could literally feel the love just watching them and we have to admit, most of us are suckers for love lol. The video was dope too. Anyway, at that time i told myself i have to make it out to see them perform. Well the season ended and i never got around to it so i was estatic when i saw them at this event.


I was so excited to meet them. I think i’m more excited to meet local artist i feel like i connect with and grow with more. It’s very inspiring when you have artist who really want to connect with the people.

Unfortunately, i didn’t get to see them perform live that day, but i’m certainly looking forward to it soon.

Check out more of their work Www.raiiwk.com

More fun pictures from the rooftop below: Just click  on them to get the full view


So as you can see we had a blast. The great thing about Suh Dude Sundays’ is it’s always Sundays and always the same time 2-8pm. Perfect time if  you want to start or end your day there. “Partying productively” is what we do so networking can be fun when your bound to experience all the different connections that come through.

Now as mentioned before surprise elements makes everything more interesting. Soooo the venue could change from time to time but only to another hot rooftop of course. I love enjoying new spaces and the build up before the reveal. “Get’s the people going” lbvs.  It’s becoming a signature Chicago theme and i absolutely love it.

Now as awesome as the season has been, unfortunately, all things eventually come to an end. In this case we hope it’s more like a brief pause lbvs but i’m sure there is more to look forward to next summer. The very last Suh Dude Sunday roof top day partay was this past Sunday. They usually post pictures from the events. Follow up via their website info listed via the link below.



Until next time, as always hope you all enjoyed today’s read. Remember to follow our blog, share and tag with friends for more hot happenings, tips and tricks and much much more. Love you all to life xoxo….. hollerrrrrr.



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