Tech-based businesses: The competitive edge needed in minority communities!

If your are an entrepreneur, or thinking of pursuing entrepreneurship, trust when I say you don’t want to miss this! This is a free opportunity to learn how to start and build technology -based businesses that can ensure, or increase your chances of long gevity across many industries.

Bethel is the same organization I took my entrepreneurship training course and had the pleasure of competing in an app building contest for my company. You can learn more about that here.

There is a workshop tonight!!! You still have time to sign up. Just click here and send Curtis Roeschley, director of the small business development center of Bethel New Life, an email stating you’d like to join tonight’s workshop. Below is an email I received from my business professor with more insight on what you can expect.

“Attached you will find a flyer for our fifth of seven workshops on tech and entrepreneurship.   You will also find the entire workshop series.  In our effort to shift the conversation from traditional community entrepreneurship (nail salons, restaurants and day care centers) to tech oriented/enhanced businesses and new product development, our attendance is growing.  This upcoming workshop will feature two manufacturing entrepreneurs and the Director of the Fab Lab from the Museum of Science and Industry.  This will be a dynamic conversation for those interested in seeing how to think about designing a new product utilizing unique materials, how to engage a manufacturer on something you need produced or think about becoming a manufacturer yourself (which includes t-shirt printing).  Please help me get the word out to the community by posting this workshop on your Facebook page and other social media outlets.  Thank you for your support as we bring entrepreneurial education and physical resources to our underserved.”- Philip Fairweather

Are you ready to receive to tools needed to compete?

Be sure to sign up for the remaining workshops below. These resourses are free! All you need to do is sign up snd show up!

Details on upcoming workshops today and the next 3 weeks are as follows:


As always I hope you all enjoyed today’s read! It’s empire building Wednesdays. And its time to get the ball rolling. Be sure to pass information along to family and friends. Team work makes the dream work so come baby let’s go lbvs!

Don’t forget to follow this blog for more tips and tricks. Until next time…love you all to life……Happy empire building muah!

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