Motivation Monday: Ballingonabudget

Friends who train together….Screenshot_2016-08-27-00-28-07Building muscle, burning fat in the park on this “Motivation Monday”


Want to Squash it? Lbvs lets take it back old school meet me us the park. Think you have beef now? We can squash it any day in the field. We can throw down with some pilates, boxing, yoga, aerobics, foot work, capoeira and calisthenics. You name it, I got it. You want it, come get it? Lets see just how much beef we can squash together.


Look at what Jessica’s transformation from yoga ! No beef here boo, yasss honey. Body is snatched…with good 6 pack action! βœ” Her abb work on fleek….Teyanna Taylor who? She didn’t know because she was too busy working on her and the results don’t lie…gains !


Before And after her core training program for handstands.


Now we both have 6 packs 😜😜😜 JFal a.k.a. Wonder Bred on the left & Aerial Gem on the Right!

One of our favorite 😎 cheap ways to get fit always involve water! That’s right Jess and I have been pool rats since we were just pikes. Water-gun/ballon fights are Budget-friendly, family friendly, adult friendly and group friendly. Great for park outtings or getting down in your own backyard! You will definitely get your cardio in. Throw some ancle weights on your legs or arms while playing and boom, strength training all in 1 activity.


Activities like this makes it easier to develop healthy habits for newbies adopting the Embody Physique lifestyle. Swimming works every muscle in your body while also being low impact on bones and joints. This makes Aqua Aerobics the perfect workout for anyone whether it be for cardio or πŸ’ͺ training. βœ” out your girl form…”I just want to fly”.

The water can be your best friend or your worst enemy, no matter what the beef you can definitely squash it in the pool. I’ve seen people literally fight the water lol talk about an energy πŸ”₯. Where ever theres a pool or park, we will definitely find out who’s stronger, faster and tougher. Β Anyone who knows Jess and I personally already know the water is our territory. But we will even make it fairgame, we will train you.


Embody Physique is not just a company, it’s a lifestyle! We will even make it fairgame, we will train youth embrace the lifestyle too!Β Want to learn how to stay ready, so you don’t have to get ready?! Embody your Physique! Are you fit for life?

Do you need a fitness buddy to help jump start your journey to a better you? Take me to the pool with you! My 10 minute aqua fit program will not only build your stamina but also your legs, booty, and abs while toning your whole entire body. Bring yourself to any beach or pool and I’ll bring the work out! Get my 10 minute Aqua-Fit guide now for a one time fee of $5.99 I will show you how. click the link below to get started today!


Friends that train together…gain together

It’s Motivational Mondays yall invest in yourself so you have the strength and πŸ”‹ to invest in others. I am the 1 and only Aerial πŸ’Ž, your Balling On A Budget, Travel Fit Specialist and I approve this message!


To start your journey now click here:Β Β

Are you? #TeyannaTaylor who?

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