South Side Chicago Hidden Gems: Uncle Joe’s Tropical Dining


Uncle Joe’s is this awesome Carribean eatery located  4655 S King Dr Chicago, IL.  I lived in Bronzeville a few years before i discovered it because the location although on a main intersection of 47th st., it’s actually located upstairs inside of the commercial real estate building that holds the Bronzeville Artist Lofts and connects to Gallery Guichard. Talk about location location location.

The upside is the art gallery and Harold Washington Cultural Center take the spotlight for the area, they also draw traffic the restaurant also benefits from. Even better for customers, you have a whole evening of fun within walking distance if plan accordingly. Just think of starting with the Bronzeville Artist Lofts,  Gallery Guichard or some live theather at the Harold Washington Cultural center.

You are sure to be set with more than enough entertainment options for an evening.  When you’ve worked up an appetite you have dinner and live music in steps at Uncle Joes. After you have a lil bit of comedy club action and drinks at Jokes and Notes. Finally you can continue your evening into sunrise with breakfast at the new Peaches Breakfast Diner after a long night cap 😜. Most black owned and all located at the main intersection of 47th and King Dr.

Uncle Joes also rent their venue for private events. Take a look and enjoy the ambiance. Enjoy your date night in Chicago’s Bronzeville and be sure to follow this blog for more “balling on a budget” date night tips.

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