Winning Wednesday: Falling Forward Part 2


So this summer while competing in the 2o16 Urban Sustainability App Contest and covering blog stories in Chicago and South Florida, I met significant individuals who’s names were all synonymous with what they do. Not just how they make their living but how their names were also synonymous with their purpose! If we are lucky enough you are born into your purpose but for most of us, finding our purpose can be quite difficult.

My interactions with these individuals was organic and divine, leading me to wonder why the universe called for our connection. There’s an old saying “people come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime”-Anonymous. I believe these people were brought into mine as a sign of direction from above, that I was moving closer to discovering & living my purpose…

Travel Tales:

On the way to the Tech Nexus building the day of the competition. I met a man on the🚆 who told me about a friend of his that I reminded him of. After finding out he was just getting to Chicago, I told him about for Budget-friendly hot happenings during summer season and that particular night. He then told me a little more about the friend I reminded him of, saying she’s a wellness blogger and gave me her website and told me to check it out:!

A couple days went by and I finally had a chance to check out her website and to my surprise, I understood why he said I reminded him of her. Coming across this blogsite definitely inspired me to write this update today.

The App competition opportunity was brought forth by another individual, by complete coincidence who’s name also seems to be synonyms with his purpose. Mr. Philip Fairweather.  He’s a small business development specialist at Bethel New life. This years Urban Sustainability app contest consisted of 20 competitors/idealist, 12 of which were from Fairweather’s program.

Philip Fairweather

Until Fairweather’s breakthrough contributions, this competition was limited to science and environmental app development ideas, and has now been opened up to important community members with local small business owners to address other social issues of urban sustainability such as poverty, unemployment & violence.  Fairweather’s participants are an example of new idealist allowed to compete this year, to help tackle those issues. So as you can see Mr. Fairweather definitely lives up to his name as some one who provided opportunity for technical advancement amongst minority prospects on level playing field.

27118039924_d739a8dbfc_kSteven Philpott: Tech Nexus program director, well this post is about synonymous names and purpose. Let’s just say Philpott lives up to his name as well. As the director of the program he made sure that the pot was filled for the competition by partnering with Fairweather that’s for sure.

Steven Philpott

Although, the program is only 3 years old and still being improved in the follwing areas: providing the resources (onsite computers, and more coders & designers) for idealist to meet the necessary criteria to compete; as well as making sure the panel of judges evenly reflects both business and environmental based competitors, and reward resources for app completion as well as distribution, he has done great job so far. His role in this competition is not significant because he filled a quota, but also, like Fairweather and as the picture shows, he helped all the participants in the competition by providing a platform to discover and pursue our purpose.

Despite all, we prevailed and though there were some great ideas that went into the competition, those that had the most completed prototypes made for better presentations and allowed the judges to understand ideas more thoroughly during the competition!

Speaking of great idealist, one of the most impressive visionaries, I had the pleasure of networking with and competing against was a light-filled, blessed young 🚹 by the Name of Maurice Gun:, idealist, activist, extended supporter, competitor & Finalist!


During the 3-day competition I had learned that Mr. 🔫 and I shared a similar upbringing and past adult experiences regarding the importance of travel & education and how that all lead to him living his purpose. He then showed me his ✋ crime recording App!

He had been working on it for over a years time already and had coded and designed everything himself. Not only was it a full on working prototype, but it was a great 💡! This app helps local law enforcement solve crime and reduce violence by including a gaming feature that rewards app users for reporting crime. Mr. Gunn had even gone as far as to get city officials to hear out his app proposal months prior to knowing about this year’s 2016 Urban Sustainability App Contest.

In case you all haven’t figured it out yet, the answer is no, we didn’t win the competition, we didn’t even place :(.  Funny thing before we even knew the results, deep down we knew we weren’t as prepared as we would have like to have been. So later that evening during our de-briefing we had already started making improvements and updates to our presentation and making plans to continue networking with our team to produce this app regardless of competition’s outcome.


So what was learned from all this about walking in purpose? Lets just say while learning how to #code4change digitally and literally during this competition, I’ve never found this saying to be more true in my life. “When preparation meets opportunity =$Success”-Star Jones.

My twin sister wrote that quote in her manifesto (notebook) 5 years ago.  For the time being she just took it literally and a sign to develop her personal skills, crafts and natural gifts and i was extremely happy she did so.

Meet the “Idea leaders” of this years’ app competition:


Blessed with the help of Sree Palepu and Abhishek, 2 of the most intelligent designers and coders with the biggest ❤s, i think we made quite the impact even though we didn’t win. They invested many hours of their tech skills into 6 or more teams including ours to bring our app ideas to life. These 2 even went as far to give us last minute presentation tips to better convey our concept to the judges. The connections we made with our team members were not only divine but, also proved to be more valuable then the competition itself!

After the shock, like anyone else, we originally wanted to quit. However, after reflecting back on our journey, we realized, it just wasn’t our time. Despite, we were very proud of ourselves for not only going for the opportunity, but also constantly preparing ourselves for better and using failures as motivation and learning to Fall forward in our purpose!


We are extremely happy to have lost to someone who is definitely well deserving and more importantly, well prepared… none other than this year’s “2016 Urban Sustainability App Development Contest“, 🏆 Mr. Maurice Gunn! Congratulations from Embody Amoor and Thank you for inspiring Embody Physique to keep pushing forth in purpose. Summers ending and Fall is here! Fall is our season for a reason! We are the Fallen-twins, Fallen Forward with Embody Physique’s “Werk Now” App #coding4change!

Stay tuned for our “Go Fund Me campaign”. If there one thing we took away with us, if one avenue doesn’t work, we can let it stop us or take it as a sign of redirection and well i think you all know us by now. So our choice should be obvious at this point lbvs. The universe has called for us to keep “growing strong together”-Embody Amoor; and as a community together so “Go Fund me” it is! Team work makes the dream work so come on baby let’s Go 😂! have an 💡 for App that can help dramatically improve your community? Want to be an idealist for 2017 Urban Sustainability App Competition? Be sure to leave your name and email in comments section below and we will be sure you are informed for open registration! Until next time guys, love you all to life and God bless. I am the one and only #BallingOnABudget Travel specialist- The Aerial 💎 and I approve this message!

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