Bronzeville Community Garden: Harvest Day!

Harvest days at the garden are always a great time to enjoy family time. One of the things i enjoy most is bringing my nephew. He loves to garden. I think mainly because he gets to feel important, play in dirt, and explore different kinds of bugs lbvs.

Meet Matthew “the international kid”

Now the point of it being a community garden is that community members are also expected to put in a little bit of work and or contribute to the maintenance of the garden in exchange for free harvest days. Preparation is key for a day in the sun. Be sure grab lots of water, sunscreen and a sun hat. Your sun hat at will become your best friend if planning be out for a while.

Now i volunteered a few days a week at the time but community members can volunteer according to their own availability. Awesome village members can also donate to summer programming here and or sponsor services they feel could also be a value benefit to the community.


There are quite a few community gardens in the area now, but the Bronzeville community garden has these cool built in game areas for chess and dominoes.  The neighborhood seniors love to come out for Chess. They also have a paved patio where a lot of the summer programming like food demos and yoga takes place. Either way the garden is set to keep everyone engaged in a good time.


The best part about harvesting on harvest day is learning where everything is and what’s all ready and available for  the picking. It’s a great opportunity for the entire family to really learn about agriculture and really connect with other community members. The best way is to start them out young.

This is one of the best ways to teach them to be accountable for their own health throughout their development. “The power to create their own food is a very powerful tool”- Hidden Colors. The best part of this experience for me was sharing it with my family.


Great bonding moments to come. This kind of community interaction should be the norm in our neighborhoods.


Remember to bring  a set of dominoes or another board game the kids can play. Checkers and connect 4 are great games that are easy to transport.
Latrice is head of garden initiatives. She’s know as “the Queen Of Green” and is great garden host.
You can always work or harvest until your bid to play is up.
As you can see, there is a lot of produce available for those willing to work for it.
Learning what bugs were great for the garden was one of the best parts for the boys.


Once we learned what was ready for picking, it was done with plenty of time for fun.
Most people would never know that whole bed was ready for harvest.
The garden is located on the corner of 51st and Calumet if you want to stop by for a visit.
Families connecting is what make up a community.
My sister loved every moment of her experience and is growing a few vegetables of her own back home.
Meeting Latrices’ Dad, sister and other family members  was a great way to end the day.
Finally, The goods!

For more information on harvest day this year be sure to follow up directly here.

Also remember some of the other summer programming i mentioned like yoga in the garden…..that’s going on today and following dates:


To Join us for free session of “Garden Yoga” Sunday’s the following dates:

August 28th, September 11, and September 25, 2016

from 5-6 pm…..

shoot me an email here stating “Garden Yoga to  RSVP.

Click for more insight on garden goodies of the past seasons here.

See you guys later, Don’t forget your mats!



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