Thirsty Thursday; Service Industry Tips



It’s ladies 🚺 Night at Bull Market! So if you are Balling On A Budget Las Olas Ft. Lauderdale is where you need to be tonight! Here’s a Budget-friendly tip worth “gold” at any bar, lounge and restaurant hosting a ladies night:

*Don’t be rude to your waiter/tress, not only do they notice, but they also talk about you behind your back, and probably does God know what to you food or 🍸 before bringing it over to you.

* Learn your servers name, this comes in handy when signaling to your waitress for refills. When you can’t catch their eye 🚶 calling them by name is much less offensive than waving your ✋, that’s just rude.

*When your done with your meal, 🍸 or ✔ set items at the opposite end of your table. This signals to your waitress that you are done with the meal.


*Last but not least , tip your server! If you are planning on coming to that spot again, they will remember if you tipped last time and their service the 2nd time around will reflect it or lack there of. Drinks are already free so take care of your waiters because when you do, they take care of you!bitmoji-20160825073352

*Sandwich featured here is the Turkey Slammer and it lives up to the name!

*Drinks featured here are the Golden Bull Margarita & The Pantie Dropper! Both will have you…..

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Tips and Tricks have been tried and tested by yours truly. I am the 1 & only “Balling On a Budget” Travel specialist -AerialGem and I approve this Message!


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  1. JFal says:

    Great tips Aerial Gem! Thanks for sharing.


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