Soul Food Sundays!

Our Daily bread, Today’s story entitled “Let us” is a purpose focused article, providing encouragement facing disappointment in Community Restoration.


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‘Change and rebuilding’ can be difficult for anyone whether it be in a place you’ve been in your whole life or , moving across country, having a baby, starting a new job, or pursuing your own business. Change can be scary for anyone. Growing up in Fallen Household “Fear has never been an option” So learning how to turn my fear into excitment, I’ve learned to pursue my goals as if they were “Lost Treasure”

Four years ago in October of 2012 after graduating from University of Illinois in Chicago with a Bachelor’s in Communications, I re-located to the Hollywood South Florida with my 3 years old son & fiancee at the time. Leaving behind Chicago; family, friends, and my newly started health & fitness company & business partner twin sister, was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in life.

Blessed beyond, time, space and distance, my twin sister /business partner helped me to get adjustated to this town that I’d now be calling home. By encouraging me to keeping seeking guidance in our daily spiritual rituals. Even putting her life on hold in Chicago to help me get settled in Florida for 2 months. Travel tells:

One afternoon after a nap, my twin told me about a revelation that came to her in her dream. She said “God told her to share her vision with me” she said “while swimming to the bottom of the ocean, I could see something shiny sticking out, when I realized what it was, I asked God, you have me digging this deep for a pen? And he said to me give it to your sister and tell her “In her darkest hour to write” We named that dream, Ocean deep”Darkest Hour” Pen Dream!

Here I am 4 years, or masters degree later still struggling to find my way. Teaching and sharing through writing & content creation is my purpose. Pening our Community back together one article at a time. It would be ideal to actually make a living doing what I love to do.

However being that what I do is purpose centered, I have faith that the work I’ve done and continue to do will eventually pay for itself, because the “true value of a Community is in it’s exchange.”-Jessica Fallen. When you take care of your community, your community takes care of you! In efforts to continue to do just that today’s #Soulful Sunday #BallingonAbudget #Tips is giving more #powertothepen #DoyouG2

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