Winning Wednesdays: “Failing” Forward

So earlier this year, just before summer decided to grace us with its presence, I was fired from my job.  Although I enjoyed being the morning pick me up to airport staff and traveling tourist that flew in daily to enjoy the sandy beaches of South Florida, deep down I knew that serving coffee at the airport in Starbucks was never meant to be my final destination.

.2016-08-17 17.13.29

Getting fired from a job is probably not easy on anyone, especially a job you were over qualified to have to begin with. Speaking of being over-qualified, prior to taking this job, I was working as a home health aide taking care of an x-friends elderly mother. Church always said “when going through tough times, the best way to get through them is to be a blessing to someone else.”

So I took this job because it was helping an entire family and not just myself. With this job and my coffee gig I was able to sustain my livelihood  however, I was still struggling to make ends meet and was in the process of looking for a 3rd job. Which would’ve meant putting my dreams of running my own business as an entrepreneur to the side again.

Initially after being “let go” and dealing with feelings of failure, disappointment and embarrassment. I was pretty down and out. I felt lost because things didn’t go the way I expected them to. I felt like despite all the effort invested to find my way in a new state independently, I strayed further off my path.2016-08-17 17.11.43

God has a very interesting way of getting our attention and that’s 1 of the most important things  i learned from this experience. They say “when 1 door closes another opens”. Having been praying to God to help me make sense of my situation, Id been praying for clarity in discovery of my life’s purpose. As prayer confirmation i asked God to show me real signs to let me know when I am walking in my purpose.

Although I knew my purpose was divinely connected to community, I couldn’t quite figure out how until I started praying for clarity. The whole stair case of how its going to happen, hasn’t been revealed yet but the next series of events in my life that followed, led me up the next few steps to discovery.

2016-08-17 17.15.25

Onward with my journey to obtain independence and self-sufficiency has lead be to be completely co-dependent on my community ironically enough. Not even 1 week post job release, my twin sister calls and tells me she needs me to come home to Chicago for her 🎓 from business school but to also help run summer program for our health & fitness company Embody Physique. While I was praying, GOD and my business partner twin-sister was working! Hallelujah, not only securing individual service sales but also paid contracts with other local businesses and community organizations.

When i got to Chicago my sister informed me that we would be competing in a 3-day App development competition for the 2016 Urban-Sustainability App Contest


As the gates of heaven opened, in that moment, I could breath again and knew exactly what direction I was being lead to go! It’s now been 3 months and summer is nearing an end and so is this post due to the length.

As one of your authors, travel columnist and co-editor of this blog, I just want to thank our readers, supporters and partners for allowing us to share our stories with you. Your readership inspires us to keep writing, because of you, We are Embody Amoor and without you, there is no us! Although this is a free blog, I’ve grown to learn  there is “Value in the exchange despite”-Jessica Fallen. We are very proud to help create a community where all members mutually benefit.

So, are you curious to know what’s been going on since the app competition,  if we won the app contest and more about Embody Physiques’ Fall/winter programs?  Well as usual we are “Falling Forward!” Still not sure what that means? Well Tune in for next weeks’ Winning-Wednesdays post to get the tea!  Until next time, I hope you’ve enjoyed your weekly hump day read and pray this story blesses all our readers.

Know someone going through hard times? Pay it forward by sharing this story! “The storm doesn’t last forever, here’s a pick me up to get get you through.” Team work makes the dream work. Love flow, love glows, I am the one and only AerialGem your #BallingOnABudget Travel specialist and I approve this message.


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