Moor Love: The Liner’s Wedding



Oct 26, 2015  was a day of majestic, whimsical unconditional love and wedding bliss for now Mr. Amos & Mrs. Jasmine Liner.

The Rings

This couple who has grown to be one of my favorite  and is becoming  great examples and support to their community. They live by the principles of family values and embracing them in the neighborhood.  They have supported me obtaining several services as well as joining many of my special events of the past.

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful. What i enjoyed most was the collective family and community effort it took to make your day special. From practicing group economics by hiring family and friends to produce, cater and service the ceremony, to making every guest feel like part of the family, you all allowed those of us who’ve been detached for so long, to reconnect with of traditional African roots, values and practices. Where others place “moor”  value on the monetary value in the ceremony, you all put it on time, family, energy, effort, love, support and the over all experience.

Too many ceremonies are just for show, to say i did, or for everyone else. But this one was for true love and commitment and i felt nothing but happiness in the air for you both. I am forever grateful to have been able to reciprocate the support for such a special and significant time in your lives.

Flower Girl Elegance

The setting was beautiful, for an enchanted night in Egypt. The creative location right in the heart of the community set with it’s guest list, definitely lived up to it’s growing inner royal standards. Staged with white columns at the alter, white faux feather center pieces, and catered Mediterranean fish, the ambiance and energy was rich enough to make everyone feel like royalty and more importantly like family!

The Queen’s Court
The Royal Court


It’s almost been a year since these Nubian Newlyweds committed themselves before family, friends, God and each other. We celebrate the love of  this couple, because although it’s only been a year of wedding bliss, this couple has already withstood the test of time prior to saying their “I do’s”.

This October not only will they celebrate their 1 year anniversary but we also commend them for the development of 10 or more years of true friendship before all! Standards set not only for the young beautiful daughter to follow, but also for young black women in communities across the US.

IMG_0110_edited h
The Royal Bride

Today we celebrate this couples love. Not just the love they have for each other and their daughter, but also their love for family, community, and most importantly God. God being the center of the union has shielded this couple from so many storms and has brought them out unharmed by many also.

I mean any 💑 who get’s robbed 1 week before their wedding, that’s already had to raise money for cost of the ceremony, that focused on the love that brought them together during the week that followed, rather than acts of hate designed to tear them apart, already has and impenetrable union not limited to the ways of this world. This couple has proven that their is strength, stability and ample support in harnessing the power of love. On behalf of  Embody Amoor, we would like to say “Thank you” to the Liner family for allowing us to celebrate and share your story of “True Love”, an inspiration to many and an example to all young couples who think they know what true love. Your story is a testament and provides viable insight as to what marriage takes in the modern-day society.

The First Toast

Stay tuned for the couples official wedding feature in the 2nd issue our online magazine early October. Until then…congratulations again you 2 love warriors. Your love has won and the much deserving victory is yours! Enjoy your 1st year anniversary and we look forward in the future to reporting on the beauty of many more!

 Ever Afters And Many More To Come




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